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Friends hold memorial for Travis Green


After the death of Texas State University student Travis Green, friends and coworkers hosted the Travis Green Celebration of Life memorial service at 10 a.m. Nov. 17 following a candle-light vigil the previous night.

School official offered pamphlets from the Texas State Counseling Center for ways to cope with loss and grief, along with Information on suicide prevention and suicide hotlines.

In addition to counseling information, officials provided snacks, tissues and materials for students to write cards for Green. The cards will be put on the wall in the Academic Services Building North on the second floor for three days, as more students have continue to pay their respects.

After those three days, all of Green’s letters will be packaged and sent to his family in Fort Worth.

The Green family has started a GoFundMe account to cover funeral costs. Information on the fun can be found online and at the memorial.

The investigation of Green’s alleged suicide is pending. The University released a statement about the student’s death on Nov. 17. Three days went by after Green’s death before University students received an email from University President Denise Trauth. The delay caused confusion for some students as it was sent after Green’s vigil and memorial service.

Orlando Hinojosa, coworker and friend of Green said he felt “a lack of compassion from the university.”

According to Hinojosa, the San Marcos community has come together to remember Green on their own, without direction from the university, which he said has caused confusion to surround the situation.

Hinojosa shared an office with Green in Academic Services Building North, with their desks less than 5 feet from each other. Green’s belongings remain on his desk untouched.

The memorial is open to all members of the San Marcos community until it is removed and sent to Green’s family.

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