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FMA Semi-Annual Fashion Show showed students how to style today’s items

Photo by: Jennifer Chacon | Staff Photographer

Business professional and game day attire were found on the runway at the Fashion Merchandising Association’s semi-annual fashion show Nov. 21 held in the LBJ Student Center Ballroom.

The semi-annual fashion brought in a full house as audience members gathered for the showcase.

Kasandra Arteaga, fashion merchandising sophomore and President of FMA, said organizing the show took a lot of time and effort.

“This fashion show was a beautiful chaos and that’s something we like to say in FMA,” Arteaga said.

The show kicked off with the business professional portion of the show.

Retailers such as JC Penny, Banana Republic and DKNY were shown throughout this portion of the show.

“We bring in a bunch of retailers and we style their outfits,” Arteaga said “The stylists’ job is to make the clothes fresh for college students by still keeping the integrity of the brand.”

Scarfs were a staple during Banana Republic’s bracket in the business casual portion of the show.

DKNY, a unisex brand, modeled men’s blazers, which could also work well for women.

After the business professional portion of the show, the Everyday Day Wear theme began.

Models walked down the catwalk in JC Penny clothing representing fall shades. The brand HCO SMTX featured vests and flannels.

After the everyday wear portion there was a short intermission where the Harambee dance team performed two hip hop routines for the crowd.

Analisa Esther, dance sophomore, said the Harambee dance team is a group of passionate performers.

“We love performing for all types of crowds and this has been a really good experience,” Esther said.

Joiya Denni, nutrition and wellness freshman, said ‘Harambee’ stands for unity and the preparation for the performance was stressful and scary.

“It is always nerve-racking but it’s so much fun to perform and it is always worth it in the end,” Dennis said.

Esther said during rehearsals she marveled over the stylists and models.

“This fashion show is so awesome. I love it, and it has honestly been so inspiring to watch it come together,” Esther said.

After the Harambee dance team performed there was a different performance by an acapella group, The Echoes.

Arteaga said the audience enjoyed the intermission performances.

“I feel like having the Harambee dance team and The Echoes just gave this show that extra ‘umph’ and we are just so excited and happy,” Arteaga said.

After the intermission and performances, the last part of the show was named ‘Game Day.’

All of the models in this segment were styled in the brands such as Barefoot Campus Outfitters and River Rose.

Models threw Barefoot Campus Outfitters T-Shirts into the crowd while walking the runway.

Madison Worley, fashion merchandising senior and vice president of FMA, said the semi-annual fashion show was a success.

“I am more than excited about the turn out,” Worley said. “I was expecting a lot of people, but I guess when you see it in real life, it’s like ‘wow’.”