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Congratulations Mr. President, now do a good job

Illustration by: Ashee Brunson | Staff Illustrator

After one of the most scandalous and controversy filled presidential campaigns to date, Donald Trump has managed to snag enough electoral votes to claim the executive chair.

The months leading up to the campaign have been arduous at best, and Americans have been on the edge of their seats for months, straining under the pressure of petty comments and nonsensical remarks.

Trump has been a terrible presidential candidate and has attacked various racial groups, candidates and countries. He has incited violence and hate among Americans with his damaging rhetoric, “Make America Great Again,” even though history has shown America has never been great for all of its constituents.

It is hatred and jokes about sexually assaulting women that terrifies the American people. To have the leader of our nation describe how he takes advantage of women and would like to deport people that have been living in America for decades is more than horrific—it is our worst nightmare.

If Trump truly desires to make America great, he needs to make sure it is great for everyone. Instead of looking at a past that has brought sorrow and pain to many Americans, Trump and America’s citizens need to look to the future.

We need a good president.

We need someone we can trust.

We need someone we can believe in.

Trump has yet to prove he can be a president that can better our nation and our people. Unity, not division, is necessary for a great nation. Trump needs to dismantle his divisionary tactics and speech, and instead inspire a dialogue of peace and accord.

We deserve that much.