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Best Sandwich Shop: Alvin Ord’s

One of the most popular sandwiches, the “Salvation”, Nov. 12 at Alvin Ord’s. The shop was voted best sandwich in San Marcos.
Photo by: Lara Dietrich Multimedia Editor

Alvin Ord’s Sandwich Shop has been a staple of San Marcos cuisine for 35 years. Bobcats can easily visit Alvin Ord’s from campus and have been doing so since the shop opened. Once again, the store has been voted best sandwich shop in town.

Owner William Martin has been running the place for over 33 years. He bought the shop about a year and a half into the shop’s life. Martin cannot remember how many times his sandwiches have been voted the best, but he continues to work hard to ensure they stay that way.

“It’s the bread,” Martin said.

Alvin Ord’s makes and bakes its own sandwich bread and, according to Martin, that is one of the keys to success. In addition to fresh bread, the store provides its patrons with a hometown feel. There’s good service and good food.

Martin said he serves many Texas State students, many of whom have family who have previously attended the university and remember eating at Alvin Ord’s.

“I would go there about twice a month when I lived on campus, and even now that I’ve moved, Alvin Ord’s is my favorite place to get a sandwich,” said Haley Helenbrook, advertising junior.

Helenbrook said her favorite part of Alvin Ord’s aside from the sandwiches, is the scenery. She enjoys the small town feel and the originality of Alvin Ord’s.