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Best Mexican: Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant

Garcia's is a local favorite to San Marcos. The restaurant has been serving the community with great family recipes since 1988. It was named best Mexican food in San Marcos.
Photo by: Lauren Hancock | Staff Photographer

 San Marcos residents can enjoy a welcoming environment when they walk into Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant.

Kevin Avila, manager, said ever since Garcia’s opened in 1988, the restaurant has provided a family atmosphere.

“We have established ourselves in this community as a family restaurant by providing home-style cooking and great service,” Avila said.

Taylor Bernel, Garcia’s staff member, said the bond between the customers and waiters is why people continuously return.

“The restaurant is so close knit, and right when you walk in, you immediately feel welcomed,” Bernel said. “We try to make you feel happy, regardless if you are eating or not.”

Avila said it’s great to know the community picked the restaurant as a San Marcos Star this year.

“I know we are close to campus, and just to be convenient to everyone at great prices is something we are happy about,” Avila said.

Avila said the cheese enchiladas are usually the go-to for everyone, but the chicken fried chicken is one for the books.

“It’s family twist on an original chicken fried chicken, but it has Garcia’s Chile con queso and Pico de Gallo served on top with a side of rice and beans instead of French fries,” Avila said.

Bernel said the restaurant’s tacos are number one sellers.

“Hands down, I would say that tacos are what most people get when they come to Garcia’s,” Bernel said. “The customers order all types of tacos—from breakfast to street tacos—you name it.”

Garcia’s has seven total locations, two of which are in San Marcos. The Dutton Drive and South LBJ Drive restaurants share the same menu, but hours may vary. For more information, call 512-353-0099.


  1. I would have to disagree. They have limited selections, and only menudo and caldo on Saturday and Sunday. Also only have de res for caldo. They have an amazing tex mex in Kyle coming from austin called Casa Garcias. I have to say that is the best place has a bar and no long waits also the best thing everyday and better tasting menudo and caldo!! Sorry but lately Garcias has been a disappointment, and I live in San Marcos my family and I will be making a trip to kyle it will be worth it!

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