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Best liquor store: Twin Liquor

Twin Liquors Nov.12 near Ranch Road 12. The store offers daily savings on liquor and more.
Photo by: Brandon Valencia | Staff Photographer

College students tend to go through a lot of alcohol. Students deemed Twin Liquors the best liquor store in San Marcos.

The staff at Twin Liquors knows what students like when they want to kick back and unwind, which is why they are a fan favorite, much to the delight of the store.

“It is wonderful to be recognized by our customers,” said Sandra Spalding, Director of Marketing and Events at Twin Liquors. “We truly appreciate it and are thankful.”

With three locations west of I-35 in San Marcos, Twin Liquors has built and maintained the reputation of great service, great selection and convenience. It is the dedication to building goodwill with customers that brings people back for more.

“We are about relationships,” Spalding said. “For some, it’s the relationship of ease and convenience, and for others it’s value. It’s (about) having someone at the store you know and trust to help you build your wine and spirits knowledge.”

“We like to think we are a neighborhood hub where folks come together. We offer more of a shopping experience along with an educational component, whether it be in our classroom or at the features bar,” Spalding said.

For students looking to build their knowledge about wine and spirits while enjoying good customer service, Twin Liquors is the way to go.