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Best dessert: Marble Slab Creamery

Marble Slab Creamery Ice Cream Nov. 12 on Wonder World and I-35. The shop serves delicious ice cream daily.
Photo by: Brandon Valencia | Staff Photographer

After a long week of studying, all a student really wants is a scoop of delicious ice cream and a Netflix session. Marble Slab Creamery was voted the best satisfaction for students’ sweet tooth.

Many Bobcats who have frequented the Marble Slab on Guadalupe enjoyed the overall experience. The staff greets each customer that walks through the door with a smile and a warm “Welcome to Marble Slab.”

Students select a flavor from the variety of choices to create their personal ice cream masterpiece. The varied selection of flavors and toppings is a plus for many patrons.

“I like this Marble Slab because of the personable employees and the different choices of flavors,” said Ja’Tyrah Joseph, English sophomore.

Of course, none of the fine customer service would be achieved without a hard working staff. Manager Ed Lophandwala uses a hospitable approach when catering to his customers.

“We try to instill a professional attitude in each employee to treat the customers with respect and to greet each customer,” Lophandwala said.

The secret to achieving such an honor from the hungry college crowd of Texas State is having a warm and friendly atmosphere, whether serving hot food or a cold treat.

Lophandwala felt “absolutely great” about receiving this award, and customers feel just as great every time they walk in and out of the best dessert spot in town.