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Best auto shop: Nichols Tire & Automotive

Rene Barrios inspects the underside of a pickup truck Nov. 12 at Nichols Tire & Automotive located on LBJ Drive. This automotive shop was voted the best in San Marcos.
Photo by: Daryl Ontiveros | Staff Photographer

We all know the feeling when your car doesn’t start, or when you have a flat tire—it’s a stressful situation. However, at Nichols Tire & Automotive, employees strive to make you happy about your car once again.

Nichols is the winner of the San Marcos Star award for best auto shop in town.

Fernando Murra is the owner of the auto shop, located close to campus on North LBJ.

Murra says that Nichols isn’t just a place you go to once or twice, it’s a place where you can depend on and always expect good service.

“We put the customers first,” Murra said. “We want to have a long term relationship with our customers.”
At Nichols, they go above and beyond to do the best on every single car that comes through the shop. However, mistakes do come and go.

“Sometimes we have little mistakes but (the customers) always appreciate that we’re straight forward with them,” Murra said. “We always try to fix whatever went wrong.”

Nichols Tire & Automotive has been an auto shop since the ‘60s, and has gone through several different name changes. Before Nichols dealt with cars, the business served as a gold service station.

Some of the services that Nichols offers are: alignment services, oil changes, brake repairs, diagnostic services and so much more.

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