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Best Asian food: Kobe Teppan & Sushi

A dinner party watches a hibachi chef prepare their food, Nov. 12 at Kobe Teppan & Sushi. Kobe recently won the San Marcos Star award for best Asian restaurant.
Photo by: | Staff Photographer

Kobe Teppan & Sushi was awarded the San Marcos Star for best Asian food in town.

If you’re a college student on a budget hungry for authentic Asian food, Kobe is the place to go.

Kobe serves Japanese cuisine, sushi, has a full bar and features a hibachi grill.

The restaurant has been in San Marcos for over a decade and is now run by Andrew Chen, who took over when his father retired.

Chen believes most of Kobe’s recent success is thanks to the all-you-can-eat sushi deal it has had for about a year.

“It’s a relaxed environment, (and) it’s a really good value—$10.95 all you can eat,” Chen said. “It’s something you can come to not just once a week, but multiple times a week and not break the bank.”

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse is located in the Springtown Shopping Center next to Chuy’s and Logan’s Roadhouse.

The restaurant has two locations: San Marcos and Tempe, Arizona.