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Love Trumps Hate Protest in San Marcos

Protestors gather around the Hays County Historic Courthouse Nov. 12 during a peaceful protest. Protestors marched from Tantra Coffeehouse to the square.
Photo by: Lara Dietrich Multimedia Editor

On Saturday, Nov. 12, dozens of protesters in San Marcos marched along the streets and assembled around the Hays County Courthouse in protest against the President-elect Donald Trump.

The downtown area resonated with chants such as “not my president” and “one, two, three, four: slavery, genocide and war; five, six, seven, eight: America was never great.” Community members held signs that read “Love Trumps Hate.”

The protesters and counter-protesters gathered around the steps of the courthouse to listen to different activists give speeches concerning Donald Trump and the state of politics in the nation.

The speakers came from different organizations and perspectives, and included a little girl denouncing racism.

Organizations that participated in the protest included the San Marcos Socialist Collective, LGBTQIA groups, members of the Black Lives Movement and groups concerned with immigrant rights.

Trump supporters displayed their support by holding up signs and flags, and engaged in dialogue with protesters.

In light of the protest, people who happened to be strolling the streets nearby would stop and observe the event. One student said it was “beautiful” that so much of the San Marcos community is participating in expressing its First Amendment rights and peacefully embracing differences.

“Honestly, no matter who says it’s pointless and dumb or that it’s right and just, it’s just the fact that they’re just doing this and not letting it fester inside of themselves, and it’s glorious,” said Steven Hinojosa, history junior. “I think this shows President-elect Trump that there are still views that need to be heard, and I hope he’s open to different views.”

The protest ended, but a few groups of protesters continued to engage in conversation beneath the lit-up courthouse as the sun went down.