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Witches of San Marcos

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Throughout the years, folklore sightings of a witch mother and daughter duo haunting the San Marcos River have been seen.

Genevieve Gery and daughter Isabelle have been named the witches of San Marcos. Their graves lay between old Hays county jail and Eddie Durham, according to local lore.

Genevieve Gery, the supposed daughter of French colonist Ronald J. Gery traveled with her father in the late 1600’s alongside settlers Rene-Robert Cavelier and Sieur de La Salle to establish a trading port in Fort Saint Louis.

Fort Saint Louis disappeared similar to the lost colony of North Carolina.

The only survivors found by Spanish explorer Alonso De Leon were Genevieve and her father, according to thesanmarcoswitchsociety.weebly.com.

Their new mission alongside De Leon and his men became to protect French monks but were raided by natives and fled to San Marcos, according to thesanmarcoswitchsociety.weebly.com.

Isabelle Gery’s birth took place during their time in San Marcos, according to the catholic church documentation.

Men from the mission were rumored to rape Genevive Gery during her time in San Marcos, leaving the question of Isabelle’s father unanswered.

Satan has been thought to be the father of Isabelle Gery as well, according to San Marcos Area Paranormal Society.

The Gerys were labeled as Satan worshippers by the catholic church and were hung and stripped naked, according to Franciscan Friar Juan-Philip Xavier de Ortiz.

The Gerys pleaded for their innocence through trail.

Findings of Genevieve Gery and Isabelle Gery at the San Marcos river have been reported through the years, according to the San Marcos Area Paranormal Society.

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