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The Pulse Oct. 8-10


Football games rescheduled after Hurricane Matthew

A slew of football games have been postponed due to Hurricane Matthew.

Florida vs. LSU, FAU vs. Charlotte and USF vs. Tulane are some of the games that have been scheduled for new dates.

The Sunday NFL game between the Tennessee Titans and the Miami Dolphins might be moved from Miami to Nashville, depending on the weather.

Facebook to update its virtual reality headset

 After a not-so-successful release of Facebook’s first version of the Oculus, Facebook is now working on a new design.

The new virtual reality headset will be the first to not include a computer or phone connected together.

The plan is currently in the works, but Facebook has not given any release dates.

Instagram success just two months after releasing Stories

After receiving mixed reviews for its similarity to Snapchat, Instagram Stories is getting successful results.

According to Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom, around 100 million are using the feature daily just after 2 months.

Clown Lives Matter march

Since terrorizing clowns have swept the nation, professional clowns will host a family-friendly event to diminish the stereotype that all clowns are killers.

An expected 50 clowns will participate in the Clown Lives Matter march on at 6 p.m. Oct. 15 in Tucson, Arizona.

Slam poetry club to make its debut

 SLAM! Spoken Word and Poetry Club will have its first official meeting Oct. 7 at 1:30 p.m. in LBJ room 4-1.9.

The club will allow students to share any work they have or listen to some poetry, no commitment required.