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The Haunting of Tower Hall

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Tower Hall is at the top of the local ghost stories list among Bobcats and local residents.

The windows of Tower Hall gradually decrease in size from bottom to top. The question that arises is whether the architectural design was inspired by something more cryptic.

It is said the architect of the dormitory had a daughter that took her own life by jumping from another building.

Due to the incident, the architect began to size smaller windows in an attempt to avoid any other suicides.

Students have reported seeing empty elevators open and close on the ninth floor of Tower Hall.

Pablo Montes, psychology sophomore, said he has heard of multiple hauntings in Texas State dormitories.

“The Tower Hall story is the worst,” Montes said. “My friend’s roommate said she woke up one night in Tower and felt like a presence was sitting on her chest. It’s hard to talk about.”

Montes said he prefers to believe the ghost stories rather than be proven wrong.

“I don’t know if it’s real,” Montes said. “I don’t care if it is or isn’t, but I think it’d be pretty dumb if you’re not a little conscious of it. There’s a little truth to all of these ghost stories. They may be exaggerated, but I’d rather be aware than have something happen to me.”

Texas State made onlineschoolscenter.com, list of top fifty haunted college campuses.