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Response to “Black people cannot be racist, and here’s why”

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I wrote a column a couple of months ago for the University Star about why I thought minorities, specifically black people, cannot be racist. Disregarding the comments that questioned my mental health and stability, a lot of commenters brought inquiries I believe I should attempt to answer. The point of this column is to clarify the points I was making in my last column.

It is true—black people and minorities can be racist. However, they cannot carry out acts of racism because they do not have the opportunities or resources to practice racism in the manner white Americans have in the past and present.

Racism is racism, and it is still defined as “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.”

That being said, it is inherently true that anyone can be racist, but minorities in America are not racist without reason.

Historically, racism in America was founded on the belief that races not of European descent were inferior and no better than animals. The hatred black Americans or other minority members may have for people who do not look like them is often times reactionary—an effect to a cause.

Racism between two different minority groups often stems from preconceived notions and stereotypes contrived by white Americans in the past. Minority groups carry these prejudices around daily as if a part of their skin.

People were incensed at my claim “black people cannot be racist,” and one cannot help but wonder why. The personal attacks aimed at me, and the reaction from several commenters only seemed to qualify my belief that some white people do not truly understand racism, how it works in this country and how it pertains to minorities.

Minority “racism” stems from personal experiences and daily interactions with racist white people. It was not a liberal education or soft schooling that taught blacks and other minorities about racism—it was our interactions with institutional and personal racism.

We are at a large disadvantage, and when we choose to voice our opposition to the injustices our people face, we are deemed racist or “professional victims.” The only way someone could become a “professional victim” is if they are continuously put into a position where they are mistreated. We are victims because America has made us so—not out of personal choice.

“People believing themselves infallible to being racist is one of the main things keeping institutional racism alive,” said commenter Ronald.

I cannot help but agree with his sentiment. I do not believe black people cannot be racist, but their disdain for the white race is often diminished to prejudice because they have no real power to practice racism.

There is no system set up for minorities to benefit from based on racial means.

There is no protection against murder by law enforcement officials and the prison system for minority groups like Hispanics and black Americans that also disenfranchises another race.

No one is arguing or implying that blacks deserve more respect than whites or should be allowed privileges and immunities because they are black. Black people just deserve respect because 240 years after the Declaration of Independence was signed, we are still treated as if our lives do not matter.

How can we be racist, if we are not even considered a part of the human race?

-Mikala Everett is a digital media junior

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  1. “No one is arguing or implying that blacks deserve more respect than whites or should be allowed privileges and immunities because they are black.”

    So you’re against affirmative action, right?

    • do y’all ever research the ish you say?!your fox “talking points”?! google is free. Affirmative Action helped white women the most! That’s factual. Thanks have a nice day.

      • This maybe accurate. If so it’s wrong also. The government (pointing a gun at you,the law) placing one person over another because of race, sex, what have you is wrong. It doesn’t matter if it’s happened before or is happening now or in the future. It’s wrong.thanks and have a nice day yourself.

  2. Of course blacks and minorities can be racist! Not all blacks identify with BLM…not all women are feminist…not all gays identify with the gay lobby. Hope your eyes and stop being obsessed with race, which it seems like you are. Yes, slavery is bad. But ultimately you don’t deserve anything. Please open your eyes.

  3. You are truly a despicable person! How dare you try to defend racism of any kind! Only a truly demented and vile person would do so! (No matter their race!…. which is kind of the point)

    “Minorities” are more than able to practice racism. All it takes to practice racism is to be racist.

    Step up and admit YOUR own racism!

    The only racism is not only “whites” versus “blacks”
    There are plenty of “blacks” who are racist toward “Asians” and “Hispanics” Yes, “Whites” too! Even “Asians” and “Hispanics” can be racist.
    There are plenty of videos on the internet showing just how racist and violently so blacks can be…
    I remember one specifically of a group of men attacking a delivery boy because he was just a “C****” and can’t fight back… because “They cant even speak English” them and their friends video taped it laughing and calling him slurs all the way, throwing him down and kicking him!

    If THAT is OK to to you are the WORST kind of human, and how dare you defend it!

    It happens to “Whites” too. We have allowed a narrative of “White people bad, black people defenseless” But that is not the case in this age! You can rise above and do great things! (not saying there is not racist people, but it can only be determined on a case by case instance)
    There are plenty of schools where there is a minority race that dominates the school, because of the narrative we have created separating peoples those kids think it is a good chance to attack and bully a innocent “white kid”
    Just like what can happen to a majority white school to a black student.
    both cases are equally horrible!

    The only way we can get over racism is to see everyone as the equals we are, the racist ones will go away eventually, but if you in turn become racist, you are just adding more to the bunch!

    • CORRECT & ACCURATE!!!! I find that the worst kind of racist is a BLACK RACIST — but, every Ethnicity can same the same of any mindset in their group which insults, defames, or attacks them for standing up for those outside of their Ethnicity who have nothing to do with the proclaimed oppression a racist feels —- see, even White Racist claim to be victims / defenseless with a reason to fight back and Make America “Great” Again… So, your words fall correctly — hate is hate, racism (Ethnicism really) is RACISM regardless of where you come from.

  4. I was an opinions editor and writer for a few years and I have no idea how anyone let an article like this slide. You contradict yourself from the very start saying blacks can be racist but they also can’t since they don’t have the right resources for it. You even go so far as to say oh well yeah we’re racists but it’s justified because of what you did to us. Then you keep contradicting ourself saying oh we’re not victims but actually we are victims and it’s all your fault. Black peoples lives matter when they contribute to society, but when they steal and sling dope and rob people, then end up getting shot by a cop, and you blame it on white people, your lives will never, ever matter.

  5. You are truly a despicable person! How dare you try to defend racism of any kind! Only a truly demented and vile person would do so! (No matter their race!…. which is kind of the point)

    “Minorities” are more than able to practice racism. All it takes to practice racism is to be racist.

    Step up and admit YOUR own racism!

    The only racism is not only “whites” versus “blacks”
    There are plenty of “blacks” who are racist toward “Asians” and “Hispanics” Yes, “Whites” too! Even “Asians” and “Hispanics” can be racist.
    There are plenty of videos on the internet showing just how racist and violently so blacks can be…
    I remember one specifically of a group of men attacking a delivery boy because he was just a “C****” and can’t fight back… because “They cant even speak English” them and their friends video taped it laughing and calling him slurs all the way, throwing him down and kicking him!

    If THAT is OK to to you are the WORST kind of human, and how dare you defend it!

    It happens to “Whites” too. We have allowed a narrative of “White people bad, black people defenseless” But that is not the case in this age! You can rise above and do great things! (not saying there is not racist people, but it can only be determined on a case by case instance)
    There are plenty of schools where there is a minority race that dominates the school, because of the narrative we have created separating peoples those kids think it is a good chance to attack and bully a innocent “white kid”
    Just like what can happen to a majority white school to a black student.
    both cases are equally horrible!

    The only way we can get over racism is to see everyone as the equals we are, the racist ones will go away eventually, but if you in turn become racist, you are just adding more to the bunch!

  6. Just one comment I have is that it is time to stop using slavery and references to ways of life one hundred years ago as some sort of attack towards white people. Present day white people have absolutely no association with the ways of life that consisted of slavery and neither do present day black people. The white people of today did nothing to the black people of today in regards to slavery. The people who did that died a long time ago. No one I know has ever been a slave or has ever met a slave owner. You are conforming to the awful categorizations in our society and diminishing your individuality. We should have never created ways to group individuals based on broad similarities like color of skin. The exact result of that is the terrible, judgmental, misrepresented society we have today. You should choose to see through the categorization and look at people as individuals without a single ounce of preconceived notion of what they are like and who they are. Represent yourself.

    • This comment proves that you have no understanding of how the past establisment of racial oppression and classification directly ties to the institutional racism today.

      Minorities are biased which stems from the colonization of of non-white countries. Colorism was a tool to divide and conquer Melinated people by europeans which exist in today’s society.

      The media representation of African Americans is heavily infiltrated with the perspective through lenses of colorism.

      People who are not experienced in racism as a target of hatred based on distorted european ideology are not the authoriry on Melinated peoples experiences.

      Arrogance, ignorance, distorted education of African Americans and all Melinated people, lack of boundaries, the inability to actively listen, not take personally what is said, be kind, understanding, compassionate and empathetic to the struggles of people historically oppressed only validates the bigotry and bias towards non-white people.

      • It doesn’t tie into anything today, except in the minds of minorities who want to use victimhood, race-baiting and other BS tactics as alibis to avoid success.

      • Everyone should keep in mind that the writer of this article is a young college student who is swept up in the emotional fervor of today’s Social Justice Warriors. As we all know, these young people’s brains are still developing and they are heavily influenced by groupthink and mob mentality. It’s not uncommon for these SJWs to shut down free speech, yell extremely loud in order to win an argument, and weep whenever they are challenged. They come in all shapes, sizes, races, and genders (all 741 genders apparently).

        So in a way, she can’t be blamed for thinking the way she does. She’s not exposed to anything other than her own bubble and echo chamber.

        Her entire premise rests on the assumption that racism in the black community only exists because of the crimes of European colonialism. By this logic, if it weren’t for Europeans, then blacks would be completely peace-loving people incapable of having a racist bone in their body. Her premise is utterly flawed.

        Colonialism is not inherently evil even though the left has worked hard to politicize the word to become the equivalent of evil world domination. European exploration was not unique in world history. Throughout history there have been movements of people in search of resources: The Romans, The Mongols in China, Arabs in the Mediterranean & Asia, the Huns in Europe, the Aztecs in Mexico, the Iroquois in the northeast, Piye & Thothmes in Egypt. One could even argue that China is currently doing it today as they spread out along the globe and in outer space.

        The inconvenient truth for the SJWs is that Arab Muslims are more to blame than Europeans for the negative colonial influence in black society. Arab imperialists humiliated and destroyed indigenous African populations, colonized their countries, stole resources, and sold Africans as slaves for thousands of years. When you look at the history of the slave trade in the New World, Europeans and Americans got into the slave trade late in the game. If anything, the SJWs should be attacking the Arabs for their influence rather than defending their right to force women to be second class citizens and murder homosexuals.

        People all around the world are racist toward each other. Unfortunately it is part of human nature. White people are not solely responsible. There is massive racism toward black people in China and India and whites have nothing to do with it. Lots of Asians are racist toward Chinese people too. There is also extreme racism against whites in Zimbabwe. Look it up. Finally, what about the millions of black slaves that still exist IN AFRICA. They are being enslaved by other blacks. The writer of this article should speak up for the ACTUAL SLAVES who are currently suffering by members of the black race.

        But I will say this: slavery in America was an abomination, as were the Jim Crow laws, segregation, red-lining, and the war on drugs. The situation with our incarceration rate is a national disgrace. What is currently happening our black community (crime, poverty, violence, prison) is a national emergency that needs to be solved. But blaming these problems on white people and colonialism, and making outrageous claims like “black people can’t be racist” or “the only reason blacks are racist is because of the history of white colonialism” is just foolish and neglects to look at the scope of history and the nuances of Earth’s narrative.

      • Can we at least drop the bullshit label “minority” ? As far as world population goes, and I’m using that because people like to say “Europeans bla bla bla slavery”..whites are a minority in the world. There are far more people of color than there are white people. The last statement ifound on the subject was whites make up between 12&14% of world population. Fact, not opinion. So, if white people are not a majority, they must have some other unfair advantage, right?

      • This is totally not true. In both ancient India and China before white Europeans were ever even seen people with darker skin were considered lower class because it was believed that they had to toil in the sun. If you were higher class you could afford to stay indoors and could also afford precious things like cloth to cover yourself. Even to this day Asian women are obsessed with protecting their fair skin to maintain their youth and perceived superiority over those with darker skin.

        Racism is rooted in bigotry and prejudice and snobbery. The powers that be want to divide and conquer and pseudo intellectuals fall rank and file with what is fashionable thinking. White people didn’t create racism nor do they hold a monopoly on it. They just perfected it and held power for a long time through it.

        To truly believe that all races are equal we must recognize that we are all capable of doing good and just as equally capable of committing evil.

  7. Separatism has been promoted and nurtured behind the scenes for too long. It began when we became hyphenated Americans. Theodore Roosevelt warned of the dangers of hyphenated Americans. According to Roosevelt, “The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities, and intricate knot of [Hyphenated-Americans], each preserving its separate nationality, each at heart feeling more sympathy with Europeans of that nationality than other citizens of the American Republic.”

  8. Do you even read the drivel that you write to see what sort of nonsense it is? First, blacks can’t be racist. Then they can be racist, but its not really racist because any bigoted belief they have is excused. Hatred is hatred, no matter where it comes from. Due to the color of my skin I’m instantly labeled a racist, told that I can have no say in a discussion on race and am shamed by a history of American slavery my ancestors had no part in. It doesn’t matter that I’ve never discriminated against anyone based on the color of their skin or that my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents picked cotton in the sweltering Texas heat right alongside the black members of the community. However, because of reprehensible acts of people I have no association with I am lumped in with everyone else of my race. You yourself use that as the very definition of racism and yet when a person of color behaves in such a way you defend them. You are a hypocrite, plain and simple. Every time you look in the mirror, there is a despicable and racist hypocrite staring back at you. Such hatred breaks my heart because there is beauty in all cultures. People like you are precisely the reason that racial tension still exists. Many people can look beyond a person’s appearance and see them for what they truly are, a human being, even if you think they can’t due to your own racism. Some are good and others are not, but it is that person’s actions which define them. The only thing you did with your original article was poke a hornet’s nest with a stick, a stick made of ignorance.

    You talk of institutionalized racism as being a free pass for you to have racist beliefs yourself. Bull. “There is no protection against murder by law enforcement officials and the prison system for minority groups like Hispanics and black Americans that also disenfranchises another race.” And what of the killing of white Americans? Do they not deserve your call for justice? Far more whites are killed by police than blacks. Of course, one would counter that proportionally blacks are shot at a higher rate. Well, had it ever occurred to you that maybe blacks are statistically more likely to be shot by police because they are statistically more likely to commit a violent crime, putting themselves in the sort of situation that might end with an officer and a gun? Of course not, because you only want to look at the numbers which would justify your own racist beliefs. Well, you might come back with the statistic that blacks receive harsher sentences than whites for similar crimes. Have you ever thought that maybe that has something to do with the fact that the median income of white families is greater than that of black families thereby giving them the means to obtain a better lawyer for their defense? You seem to think that any institutionalized racism in this country is the fault of the police and the justice system but you couldn’t be more wrong. Think about it and you’ll start to see where the real division of people and the oppression of society lies. It boils down to money and power. Those that have it will do almost anything they can to keep it, even if that includes oppressing those with less of it just to smash any competition.

    Maybe one day the black community will see how they are being used by the Democratic party just as religious whites are used by Republicans. Do you even realize that a significant number of those at BLM protests are paid to be there by the Democratic elite and it is these people who start the riotous behavior which only leads to the discrediting of the movement by whites who hear blacks talking about peace yet turn on the news and see blacks looting stores and burning police cars? Do you know that many of the rallies being held across the country to protest the presidential election which have led to violence are being funded by these same people? Do you understand why? It is to create further racial division, a distraction made to entice people of color to band together with their brethren against a common enemy and then pander to that solidarity to get their votes, all the while enacting laws which are the crux of what you would consider systemic racism. A Democrat like LBJ is viewed as a hero by signing the Civil Rights Act and Fair Housing Act. However, while in congress he repeatedly fought against laws that would help blacks. These laws were passed due to Republican support and Johnson only signed them as a pandering move to try and garner support in the black community for the racist Democratic party. It was the same reasoning with his nomination of Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court. He was an unabashed racist of the most vile order yet because his name is next to those few things the black community has voted Democrat for the last 50+ years. A Republican like Nixon is reviled as a racist even though his administration led to the mass desegregation of schools and he signed affirmative action into law, giving the CRA (something he supported) teeth to actually give previously disenfranchised blacks more of a fair chance to earn a living in places that still had the old Jim Crow guard still in power. Of course in the end all we think about (other than Watergate and his resignation) is how he started the drug war, something that to this day affects blacks more than whites. Why did he do it? Because the two biggest groups of people who were against him and the Vietnam war were blacks and young hippies, and with frequent drug use in those communities he was able to lock up his enemies without explicitly making being anti-Nixon a crime. It wasn’t due to racism, it was all about power and the absolute drive to keep it once achieved. You say that “There is no system set up for minorities to benefit from based on racial means.” I guess you’ve never heard of affirmative action, or minority scholarships, or preferential treatment in college admissions to promote diversity. I ask again, do you even read the drivel that you write?

    The next time you think you’re doing yourself a favor by writing these types of editorials, think again. All you are doing is playing into the hands of the elite who wish to control you. They don’t care that you’re black, but because you care that you’re black they will use that to their advantage. You’ve apparently still got a lot to learn about how the system really works. Now, I’m not saying that there isn’t really any racism by whites anymore. It obviously still happens, but you live in a time with far far less of it. Do you not see the difference between a black man getting shot for attacking a police officer and a black man getting attack dogs unleashed on him because he drank from the wrong water fountain? Obviously, I would love to see a world completely devoid of racism. I’d also like to see a world where more than half of all black children grow up in a home with a father. Both of those things have one thing in common: they require personal responsibility. When you do things like write these types of editorials, which work to divide rather than bring together, people like you are doing yourself no favor trying to blame a system when change can only occur from the bottom up and only from those whose actions must change, and I don’t just mean you as a black person but you as the youth of America. I’ve been in a college classroom in the 90’s, the 2000’s and the 2010’s and as time goes on I can state that personal responsibility is quickly fading into a relic of the past. What do you think happens when the message you teach your children goes from “be mindful of your actions, obey the law and respect others” to “what you do doesn’t matter because the system is against you”? What do you think happens to a generation of children who are given “safe spaces” where they can be free from all the bad things that happen out in the real world instead of being taught to confront those transgressions firsthand and learn something from the experience? You wind up with someone who sees a handful of heinous acts and instead of seeing them as outliers is convinced that they are indicative of an entire system against them, all fed by the elite controlled media which works to use your own prejudices against you. If you see the relatively small number of truly racist acts and come to the conclusion that the cards are stacked against you by a racist system then how do you expect people to feel about a segment of society that comprises 16% of the population yet commits nearly 60% of murders and nearly 70% of robberies? Those are FBI statistics on black youth crime. Why wouldn’t the average person come to the conclusion that young black men are more violent and liable to commit a crime than their white counterpart? It is statistically true. However, it’s not because of the color of their skin, its because of who they are as a person and how they were raised. What do you think would have a greater overall effect on the black community: protesting against every black person shot by the police whether they were in the wrong or not or starting a movement where “baby mama” and “baby daddy” are replaced by a mother and a father (or any combination thereof, so as not to leave out any same sex couple) raising their children in a stable environment? Two of the biggest indicators of potential crime are poverty and the lack of a two-parent home. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that two responsible parents will bring home more of an income to provide for their family and provide more of a chance to be there for their children and discourage them from activities and associates that help lead to a life of violent crime.

    So in conclusion, yes, of course minorities and black people can be racist. And no, being at the receiving end of it in any way does not condone such bigoted behavior. Three lefts make a right but two wrongs don’t. If you want to live in a better world you have to realize that it starts right there with you. If you go around excusing your own racist beliefs all you are doing is adding to a cycle of hate you portend to be against. Put your hatred where it should lie, and not where pop culture and biased media say it should. A young black girl just 50 years ago would kill to be in your shoes and have the opportunities you have. Yes, there is still more work to go, but it won’t get done by ignorant, hate-spreading propaganda like yours only looking to claw back all the ground that was fought so hard for to gain.

  9. Power is not simply institutional; it can be situational. Example: in one of my classes at school, a fellow student said that women can’t be sexist, because, as you are arguing, they didn’t have power. Problem: our teacher was a woman. She had power. She could have marked male grades lower than the female grades. Institutionally, she was slightly more oppressed than half of the people in that room. But, situationally, she had the most power in that room. Replace my female teacher with a black teacher. It still applies. While he probably will face more hardship than I will in the larger world, within that room, he outpwoers me. He would have the capability of being racist

  10. Isaiah is right!

    QUIT trying to defend your racism while crying about others you sick and twisted individual.
    YOU are part of the problem!

    All racists are a disgrace to humanity (and you are included)


  11. Hi Mikala,

    I’m an ethnic minority of mixed heritage, half white in fact. I would love to explore this concept more deeply through a respectful discussion with you as I disagree with with your view. I hope you’d take the time to email me back to discuss it further.

    Firstly, you contradict yourself. In your first article you say:
    “Minorities cannot be racist. I’ll say it louder for the people in the back who did not hear me—minorities cannot be racist.”

    Then you say:
    “It is true—black people and minorities can be racist.”

    Secondly, why is there a requirement of privilege to be racist? I could argue that the belief of superiority could be things that are not generally recognised to provide what we recognise as privilege, e.g. moral superiority, physical superiority, that one race makes superior lovers, that one race will go to heaven whilst the others are doomed to go to hell. I do concede that privilege should be a massive factor in determining the role of the state and the law in acting upon acts of discrimination or hate crimes, e.g. saying “all black people go home” at an African refugee centre would be far more harmful than a native American saying “all white people go home” and the law must recognise that.

    Thirdly, if privilege is accepted, can privilege not be confined to small areas where certain ethnic minorities do have a clear advantage? For example, Jewish people in finance, African Americans in certain areas of the music scene. If it was found they were systematically excluding white people, or other ethnic minorities, would that abuse of privilege not be racism?

    Finally, by the definition you use, I see no reason why minorities cannot be racist against their own kind. If you were dismissed on the grounds of race by someone of your own race, that would still be racial discrimination, i.e. racism. That might be done because it was a client facing role and a minority specifically wanted a white person in the role. Is that not an act of racism by a minority that favoured another race?

    I was struck by two events in the news this week. The first was the response of certain people, mainly on Twitter, about Serena Williams marrying a white man. I don’t understand why it should not be called racist. I think opposition to intermarriage is one of the most racist things you can possibly say, as it implies that members of each race should observe fundamental boundaries, and that people like myself – a minority due to mixed heritage – should not have been born. I don’t see how that can possibly not be deemed as racist, even accepting privilege as a requirement if other beliefs of superiority are invoked (my second point) or by racism against your own race in that minorities must respect their inferior status and not mix with whites (my third point).

    The second event was the kidnap and torture of a white disabled boy by four black 18 year olds. The police were even reluctant to describe it as racially motivated, even thought they were saying “fuck white people”. Also, the media in general were extremely forgiving to the four people involved, saying they were badly raised and were young people who’d made a mistake.

    I usually totally disagree with arguments that begin “if a white person said/ did that…” due to privilege not being taken into context in assessing the harm done to the victim, I make an exception here. Even without race being a factor, it’s still kidnap and torture which is extremely serious. They are still young and their brains are not fully developed but this was overdownplayed. Also, there is also the factor he is a minority by virtue of being disabled, which was totally forgiven. Whilst they did not dwell on it, they fully exploited that weakness, and I would argue not being mentally disabled means they had considerable privilege over him.


      • Hi Mikala, full disclosure: I’m a 50 year old white guy who just stumbled over your article accidentally. Before I say anything else, I’d like to say that based on the two articles I read, the vitriol directed against you is shocking and unfair. That’s not to say I agree with many of your statements, but these are extremely difficult issues that we’re struggling with. As a white guy, I can own the fact that at least some of my success has come from cultural institutions that we’re explicitly designed to benefit people of my race and gender. For that reason if given the opportunity to allow a coworker that is female and/or a p.o.c. to take a position of leadership, I quietly step aside; I do this even though I may have more experience or training, and I commit to use my skills to ensure that the co-worker succeeds if necessary. It hasn’t been necessary, but I’m there.
        Anyway, here’s what I don’t like: you say that black people can be racist but you don’t condemn it. You simply acknowledge it’s existence and then excuse it by blaming it on white people. You might be right about the cause of black racism, but who cares? No one cares about the cause of white racism because it just doesn’t matter. White racism is a destructive force that is killing communities of color every day. Black racism doesn’t have the power of centuries worth of institutions behind it, but it is still worthy of condemnation. Institutionalized white racism is a product of white people making excuses for bad behavior. As a white guy, I hate white racism. I hate that I’ve benefited from it. Here you are making excuses for your own racism; seeing how destructive white racism has been, are you sure you want that for yourself?

  12. Too long didn’t read: In my previous article I said Blacks couldn’t be racist. Now I am saying they can, but it is okay because Whites did it to Blacks first.

  13. You continue to are make racist statements like” they cannot carry out acts of racism because they do not have the opportunities or resources to practice racism in the manner white Americans have in the past and present.” You are also confusing bigotry with racism. An action taken to harm OR BENEFIT one race is also racisim. If a planned action intentionally benefits OR harms one race of people it is a racist act. You certainly do not need “power or priviledge” as it states in your article to be a racist or commit a racist act. Bigotry, however could require power or priveledge, as it infers the ability to give or withold favor based on a personally held belief. This article, especially it’s title, is comletely wrong. It aslo perpetuates seperatism. Not all white peole are bigots or racists. Some of us want to end color discussions alltogether. We will never achieve racial equality while there is predudice OR privilege given based on race. The existance of one promotes the other.

  14. Yet another small minded person who thinks only about themselves, their group, their country, their cause.

    Writer; I don’t like being negative, I don’t like being mean, but this type of thought process is dangerous and you are a fucking moron for believing such things. Go out and rethink your position (perhaps take in all human beings into consideration, except just the ones closest to you?), or fuck off and never start writing your ignorant opinions down again(also did you mention your writing is 10-a-penny shite?).

  15. My favorite part about both of these asinine articles is you completely ignored any definition of “racism” in the Merriam-Webster dictionary that did not conform to the definition you wanted to portray in your articles. The definition you quoted is only ONE of several definitions of the word racism. It also means “discrimination or hatred based on race”. Taken from YOUR source. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/racism

    Scroll *all* the way down and read ALL of the definitions not just the ones you cherry picked. A biased article is a biased article but this crap takes the cake.

    You are part of the problem.

    • It’s a column not an article so it’s going to be biased. It’s under the opinions tab on the website. That being said, I’m sorry you feel that way but of course there are going to be different definitions, was I supposed to use them all?

      • No, you do not need to use every definition… just the most used and universally understood! you dumb P.O.S

        anyone with a brain knows the meaning of “racism”
        it is the same in any language! Just now you racist idiots from tumbr try to slyly change the definition to cover up your own despicable racist agendas!

        Sorry, but people can see through your facade!

  16. This has to be one of the most poorly written pieces i have read throughout a ghastly amount of biggotry embalmed literature in my lifetime . I’m shocked that the hypocrisy of your statements would fly past a garbage can ; yet given your obvious success at shock value, I’m moreso wondering why this isn’t a satirical piece. Another blameshifting racist yapper with no sense of diversity stuck in a small minded one track rage against themselves. Don’t you realize that you have become your own enemy? This word vomit you have ( in the uttmost laziness) shambled together is almost encouraging people to hate whatever your kind is . Half of me thinks you are an alt right troll trying to stifle an already questionable regurgitated topic you know nothing about. There are so many backwards points and skipped over actualities that it seems almost pointless to show them. You are a whiney hatemonger that has nothing better to do but imagine that your life is worse than it is. Go read some statements from your precious BLM leaders and other civil rights ” activists” and tell me there’s no racism . Life must be pretty good if this is all u got to bitch about. U pay for your own classes? If so , bad finance move. If not, shame on you for using another’s buck to write hate speech. Congrats on alienating your audience . You have a right to your prejudices however, acting impulsively upon them with no objectivity has just made you another racist.

  17. Nice way to contradict yourself over and over again. You dont need power or privelege to carry out an act of racism. Im just one guy, not a cop or judge or law maker but me calling a Chinese person a chink is still an act of racism. The argument presented above is akin to “stealing is only stealing if its done by a rich person. Theft by a poor person doesnt count because they dont have the money to buy it”

    And if you want to see, not just hear somebody tell you about it, actually SEE government backed racism by a minority just travel to Canada. Its legal to advertise a job as ‘Native” only, its legal to have “Native” only apartment buildings. If you tried to advertise a job as Chinese only youd be cited for racism and shut down, same as white only.
    You also see the kind of factual white washing as the above article with sex. In the city where I live there a number of women only gyms. Golds Gym has a womens only and a co-ed. They decided to open a mens only, low and behold they got sued for yup gender discrimination. And yup they were ordered to shut it down. And like above some how these womens only gyms were not gender discrimination but the mens only was.

    Quit trying to make excuses why one isnt really an issue but the other is. Call a spade a spade and be done with it

  18. If there are laws that protect or give more leeway to Blacks, a System / Institution that has such can never be racist. Therefore there can’t be a systematic or insitutionalize racism. No such of system would allow laws to favor the minority if the majority was racist on them.

    Anyone can be a racist SOB, that also means you as well.

  19. Writer writes a racist article, gets called out for it; then feel the need to write another racist article to explain that she can not be racist because of “her” race…… IRONY!

  20. “minorities in America are not racist without reason.”
    Ohh so minorities are allowed to be racist because they have good reason for it?
    Well let me tell you that racism has always existed for a reason, the reason being that equality is not reality.
    Asians are by far the most intelligent, blacks can run the fastest but they are the dumbest and have animalistic character qualities. White people are pretty average all around.
    Its the truth! Get over it.
    You blacks should be grateful.. if not for white people, you would still be living in mud huts eating bugs off the ground.
    Oh and another thing, the slaves that were brought to America were already enslaved by blacks from opposing tribes, and sold to the white slave traders.

  21. It is people like you who give black people a bad name.
    There are definitely black people who are racists. (Yes, you can be racist towards white people. No it is not “reverse racism” that implies it is racism in “reverse”, but it is not in reverse, just towards another race… it is not a one way street.)
    There are several people in my family, who grew up in the same environment and same surroundings as me. We had the same opportunities and challenges, they chose to not pay attention in school so they could look “cool” and impress the other kids. They would give me shit for “acting white” because to them being educated was acting white?
    they kept ignoring their education and blaming others for their troubles. Most of which they brought upon their self, they would blame the “white man” for bringing them down…
    Yes, there are plenty of white racists, but just as many blacks. Black folks just put each other down.
    Trying to impress others they kept themselves down. Then when they got into drugs and breaking the law they said the white man was “out to get them”.
    They could not take responsibility for their own actions.

    Now I am graduating soon, while several of them are in prison.

    It is not about what card you were dealt in life, it is what you do with them. If you work hard and take responsibility you can make your life better.

  22. This writer of this article is confusing racism with oppression. They are NOT the same thing and too many people think they are.

    Racism is prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race. This can be done by anyone to anyone. If you hate someone because they are white and you are not then you are a racist.

    Oppression is the state of being subject to unjust treatment or control. A group that is not in control CANNOT oppress the group that is in control. Whether they be a minority or majority. In the US the majority group is in control and there can oppress the minority group. This oppression can be based on race but there is a difference between the two terms. I wish the author would see that it is obviously possible for black people to hate white people and therefor be racist.

  23. Until people like the author realize that this entire narrative and timeline is being used by the elites to dominate and ensnare otherwise free-thinking, independent human beings, we will be an entire nation and world of oppressed people and basically slaves. Hillary, Soros, Trump, Bush…whats the difference? Same coin, different face. They should all be dragged in to the street and put on trial.

    The crap happening in our city streets is embarassing and hasnt changed in 30 years. In the LA Riots you were a hero if you pulled a trucker from his cab and knocked his eyeball from his socket. Today you are ‘misguided’ if you torture a disabled kid.

    At any rate, I’m not even 30 but I’m done caring about any of it. I resent my country and the people in it. Thankfully I live in a very rural area and its not my problem. I live for myself and my family…the rest of you can pound sand, white or black.

  24. This article truly shocks me. As a mixed race man I found it riddled in contradiction and hypocrisy. As someone has already pointed out there is a difference between oppression and racism, and you are essentially justifying racist actions. I implore you to stop with your paranoia that white people hate you, and learn to engage in dialogue to see other peoples side of the story. I had the experience of being called a racist by a militant black man in a nightclub (since I look white) because I asked for stop and asked him if he was going to take any. I was smiling and very polite and he thought I implied he was a dirty African or something. It seriously shocks me that people think like that, especially when he used the same pseudo intellectual arguments of racism and the exclusivity of black experience to put me down. News flash: my dad is black hispanic and has experienced turbulent moments of racism in the black community. I shouldn’t be negated the right to voice my criticisms of this mentality simply because I look white. My grandmother was as dark as night and half of my family is essentially Zambo. Racism happens everywhere but this overall attitude of racism in America seems to exist exclusively in this society. It’s divisive and counter-productive. Give it a rest and drop your guard. Nobody is out to get you, I can assure you. Morgan Freeman succinctly expresses the same opinion as me. Racism won’t go away until we stop talking about it and start viewing the world in such unnecessary dimensions. People will always have their guard up and people will always have prejudice.

  25. wow. you’re a really s****y writer. Your defense of your asinine article “black people cannot be racist” was to say (and I quote ) “I do not believe black people cannot be racist.”

    So not only are your statements completely contradicting but you let your own racist views shine through your elementary write-up. Here is the facts – people bringing up slaves and slave owners in this day and age need to stop doing that. That has literally zero to do with anybody that are alive today. In 2017, the most racist race are blacks. That’s a fact; and it’s a fact that you’ve proven with these two terrible articles that you diarrhea’d out.

  26. I have been robbed at gun point by blacks, I got stabbed on a train by a black guy for the awful crime of looking around, 3 big fat psycho black women attacked me in a parking lot for my car being to close (their car was in 2 spots, and I parked before them) Every single violent encounter Ive had in my life, has been with black people. All completely unprovoked. Tell me, by avoiding black people am I racist, or using common sense?

  27. What year are you? I hope you’re a freshman, because otherwise this university has failed you. This, along with its predecessor, is simply an abysmally bad article. The argumentation consists almosts exclusively in bare assertions. You are repeating sound bites your ideologue professors puked into your brain.

    First off, your original article claimed that blacks cannot be racist, period. Now you’ve changed your tune. Now blacks are only incapable of “carrying out acts of racism.” But what could it possibly mean to say that blacks “can be racist” but “cannot carry out acts of racism”? Let’s put two men in a bar, one black, one white. The white man is crippled and in a wheelchair. The black guy goes up to him, shoves a pool cue down his throat, and yells, “Die honky!” You would have us believe that he didn’t just carry out an act of racism?

    Your conceptualization of “power” is absurdly one-dimensional. Power isn’t a zero sum game. I can have power over someone else in one respect, while he has power over me in another respect. In contemporary America, blacks absolutely tend to have, in higher class communities, certain privileges not granted to whites. Affirmative action is the most obvious example. And of course the media will always leap to defend black communities even when it’s quite clear they’re in the wrong.

    This is ridiculous. It is ridiculous that any university would publish this insipid egesta.

  28. So black people can’t be racist against whites because white people have more power? I thought racism was a belief, not an action, although racist actions certainty happen.

  29. The solution. Racism is a concept. A bad idea installed like an app onto a new phone by its manufacturers.

    Smarter ones uninstall the shitty apps because you can uninstall and install better apps or worse.

    Same process for all manufacturers, white,yellow or black. Etc anybody can be racist

    But differences are the manufacturers selling the most get to kinder set the pace in style and other fancy bullshit.(lighter skinned)(whites)

    Now this is bad because it makes the less successful manufacturers feel they need to be like the best because the best (manufacturers shit) is everywhere calling the shots,Forming a cummunity of besties. And therefore making the less successful a community the minority resulting to major insecurity development.

    So what is the solution.

    Answer. Originality and enhancement.

    Black people and peoples of other racial groups
    Have what makes them sweet and valuable by nature .(think like a human not a calculator)

    The solution is getting their shit together and by that i mean. Enhancing their shit by procreativity and originality.
    Finding what makes you unique and being that to a stand off. Its admirable
    America maybe common ground but its no common ground thats why racism is all up in it.

    The Only reason black and other races Majorly are still in foreign places like america and other parts of the world is not because of tourism or shit like that. Its because they seek a better haven, the good life the “apple life” and truthfully some are still out there because there scared to go back were they come from and make shit happen, from scratch may be, some hate their origins because its still in the “scratch” state some really hate “home” for this and anything that comes from that sweep and thats the worst kind of app u can get installed on ur shit ,resenting ur type.

    So i can say blacks after the decleration of independence contributed massively to the results of black lives matter. Black man was no Columbus Brought into the states primarily “primarily” not as partners for a great community. But as slaves shitty people for a great community.
    Lol its funny i love whites but i think i love asians slightly more not sure why but my point!
    This racial thing is a decendant of ego,
    Im better than you.
    Nothing natural to prove it

    (2)If any race could be better i think it’ll be the black guy because of their rich color and contibution physically to the world in building it with the strength of slaves. They helped built the world as we know it …slaves. Yes very bias,But now as freemen who can say what can be done. Skip that

    Look the racial p is a bad app pass down generation after generation, but today smarter people uninstall that shitty shit app and over time with progression it’ll seize(racism) but
    The black man has a big role to play as always
    You can start by regenerating your pride by walking away. Lebron james oprah all ye black clan. You still be seen as shit in the crooked eye of a whitey(sorry) because thats the foundation of the relationship in the first place…bless…

  30. This article and the original one that this (cough, gag) **author** (This is to bring attention to the fact that in fact this was written by someone but does not earn the title reporter or writer) wrote is honestly some of the worst type of BS leftist backwards denial that I have seen in years. This goes to prove that our Universities are becoming nothing more than overpriced leftist indoctrination camps for the mentally deficient.

    To make the statement that only white people are racist by itself would be at best humorous and at worst something that a mentally damaged person would actually believe. I however believe that in this case it’s more in the middle of the two. I believe that this is a case of those around the author poisoning the authors brain while growing up. I have seen this far too often with many of my non white friends. Throughout years of growing up in the Los Angeles area and all the years serving in the Special Forces arm of the US Arkt and now as a Military Contractor (aka Mercenary or Soldier of Fortune) I have seen the worst of the worst and have experienced real racism with real consequences.

    While whites can be downright ugly racists so cam everyone else. The statement was made that in order to be a racist you have to have control over a group. That’s total bullshit on a stick, almost as much BS as it is to call anyone in the world a minority that isn’t white. Blacks, Asians, and Hispanics have been the worlds majority ever since they have been keeping track of such information.

    Let’s forget all of that and I will just speak plainly. While whites got more press and we did it with a hell of a lot of style to get it to seem more “romantically charged” the non whites have always been more hateful of anyone not the same as they were and it went all the way down to the cellular level.

    One of my brothers in arms is from Detroit and he admits that the only thing bigger in Detroit in the 80’s than car manufacturers was the Black Power movement. Then here in So Cal we have the BLM(Black Power), La Raza(Brown Power specifically Mexican power), Bloods and Crypts(A mixture of both black and brown power), Mexican Mafia and on and on and on.


  31. “Historically, racism in America was founded on the belief that races not of European descent were inferior and no better than animals.”

    This is absolutely gibberish in that the author presents a country where every single person looks down on people of color during this era. The attitudes and norms directed towards black people in American were simply an extension of how the world viewed black people. The continent of Africa for over 500 years was simply looked upon as land full of savages who needed to be controlled if co-existence was to ever take shape. There are countless published works in which countries from around the world viewed the “Dark Continent” as one of the most uncivilized and brutal places on earth. It was because of the savage beatings of the women by men and the brutality in which violence was committed that some have argued that most armies around the world did not truly understand the art of war until they witnessed the savagery of the people of Africa. (approximately 1700-1775).

  32. As a black woman I’m appalled at your article which perpetuates racist narratives. Stop blaming whitey for our people’s problems. It starts in the home, parents aren’t raising their kids right and those kids are influencing others to do bad things, ie gangs, drugs, violence. The black culture is suffering badly and the more we deny it without identifying that there IS a serious problem, it won’t ever get solved. Black people have degraded themselves to crime when they are taught that society owes them something, the world is hard and unfair so when they don’t succeed like they see from the black media, they lash out. This mindset has driven millions of brothers and sisters over the years to a life of grifting to crime to violence, which has caused the other races (and even our own) to look at black people as perpetrators because of their higher likely-hood to be a criminal. We do it to ourselves by not teaching our children the right way, I’m in my seventies so I remember the civil rights movement and while it is true that blacks were mis-treated, it was not the norm by everyone, only by those that were taught by their racist parents which perpetuated the hate. There is a new generation, (actually a few since then) of innocent people of every color that are open minded in regards to color thanks to their parents teaching them the right way. What you are doing is fanning the flames of hatred. Do you think for a minute I’m looking at every white person badly because maybe one of their ancestors owned mine? No, they aren’t guilty of their sins, and the people of today aren’t guilty of the things that transpired when I was a little girl. I have met many nice white people over the years, 99 percent of them are not racist at all and it isn’t fair to judge someone by their skin color for something their race did, that child is true racism which is sadly what you are doing, I know you may be hurting over something, but taking it out on innocent people isn’t right and you are making it worse by angering everyone about something that is getting better. Obama did a lot of good for our country, but it seems to have ignited racism causing racists to teach their hateful agenda to others, whether it be articles like this or crosses burning in the lawn, it’s the same thing.

  33. Will racist and bigoted white people will never ever accept that someone else can’t be racist. It seems like a lot of people on here that responding are white and are ignorant to what is being said in the article because they do not want to accept it because they want to agree.
    I bet these white folks that say White Privilege does not exist and Reverse Racism does. so truly there is no having a Honest dialogue with conservative or racist white people about race. It’s all good though because only weak individuals have to constantly say they’re powerful and better than everyone when most clearly see that you are not.

  34. Well racist and bigoted white people will never ever accept that someone else can’t be racist. It seems like a lot of people on here that responding are white and are ignorant to what is being said in the article because they do not want to accept it because they dont want to agree.
    I bet these white folks that say White Privilege does not exist and Reverse Racism does. so truly there is no having a Honest dialogue with conservative or racist white people about race. It’s all good though because only weak individuals have to constantly say they’re powerful and better than everyone when most clearly see that you are not.

  35. For those who believe that minorities cannot be racist: There is no logical basis to your claims. Let’s start with basic definitions. (1) Racism -(original definition) the belief that all members of a purported race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or other races. Racism is a particular form of prejudice defined by preconceived erroneous beliefs about race and members of racial groups. (2) Power—the capacity to exert force on or over something or someone. (3) Oppression—the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner. The original stipulative definition of racism is akin to and as clear as the definition of any ism. A
    review of definitions of isms makes clear that the distinguishing essence of an ism is that it is a doctrine, theory, belief system, or attitude. In other words, it is a cognitive phenomenon first and foremost so even if you hold no position of power, you can still be racist.

    As for the newer “revisionist” sociological definition: racism = prejudice + power(David Wellman 1993). Even if we were to accept this definition, minorities can still be racist. Are some of you really attempting to argue that minorities hold ZERO positions of power in the United States that allow them to use their positions of power to discriminate? In the United States, blacks or other people of color hold power over other ethnoracial groups in many municipalities and in institutions such as schools and hospitals. They can therefore easily exclude other racial groups on the basis of race. Thus, if racism is prejudice plus power, people of color in power can be racist against those not in power. There are plenty of sociologists that have pointed out the issues with Wellman’s definition as well. Refer to (Blum 2002) or (Donal Muir 1993). “Although whites are the dominant racial group in U.S. society as a whole, the key point on which the “racism = prejudice + power” view draws, restricting the operation of power pertinent to a definition of racism to the overall structure of society seems arbitrary. If power to put one’s prejudices into action is the key factor in racism, what is the basis for ruling out any context in which people of color hold power over other racial groups, including whites? ( p. 38) In other words, although none would argue that one of the most harmful forms of racism is structural, institutional racism, what good reason is there to restrict the definition of racism to just that manifestation? As Blum (2002) recognized, “The power to harm others through action motivated by racial prejudice goes far beyond institutional forms of harm”. Definitions that build power into “racism” cannot also claim that blacks and other people of color cannot be racist. In my view, a lonely and isolated bigot, with no influence on anyone, is still a racist in a meaningful sense, and certainly possesses racist attitudes. It is the content of attitudes and beliefs that makes them racist, not whether their possessors have the power to put them into practice.” (pg. 39)

    Point is, this revisionist definition defies logic and, ironically, privileges the historically disadvantaged social identity group by exempting it from accountability. You are only causing harm by justifying or exempting certain groups from their actions.

  36. I agree with this, there is no such thing really as a race at all. We are all mixed up. I have my own experiences, and they’re mine not my quote “race”. The word race was just a word made up by people who thought they were better than the other to self explain slavery long ago. Even the Spaniards made words to describe darker skinned people like “Negro”. People who looked African or Native Indian were quote the darker ones and were treated accordingly. The same thing has happened in the United States, though more reference to “black” people. It’s a man made thing, and if you believe in God, God made us all not caring how we looked like. He made us for our condition that we were in at the time. The European lighter skin is meant for colder weather to attract more sun rays, as the darker skin of other peoples is used to block the sun’s rays. Even the nose shape of Europeans was used to keep ice from getting into their noses when they tried to breathe in those conditions. While darker people’s noses tend, not always, but tend to be a bit wider. That could’ve contributed to the term “Monkey” representing darker people. It’s a lot of crap and its a result of sin. If you want to live a happier life and stop thinking about the crap of the old days, take people as individuals and let GO of this “race” crap because its getting on my nerves and many other people’s nerve’s now.

  37. “That being said, it is inherently true that anyone can be racist, but minorities in America are not racist without reason.”

    That is the dumbest shit I have read in my life. If a white man shoots an unarmed black kid he can claim that he’s racist for a reason, a damn good reason! Blacks make up about 13% of the US population but commit 52% of all crime. That could be his argument based on the garbage written in this article.

    prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.
    the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.
    “theories of racism”

    Every form of racism should be condemned! If white’s are racist, call them out, if blacks are racist, tell them they have a reason to be racist, according to this stupid writer. Wow, the US does not need people like you. Oh, and I’m a black man!

  38. So I have some thoughts I would like to share with the author.

    I have to admit that honestly my first reaction to reading this was along the “OMG this woman is insane!” line of thinking. Then I re-read it and tried my best to gain perspective and see things from the position you see things from. This is not a task I imagine would be easy for most people but I will admit I feel some empathy for your position albeit one I think is quite frankly wrong. Not only do I believe you are wrong but even your explanation I believe your entire stance is in itself racist. Here are some of the reasons for this, hopefully you will be able to understand my perspective and open your mind to a world that exists outside your personal bubble of perception.

    The first thing to consider is that we are all one race. We are however a race of human beings that with all the perks of our big brains and caring hearts also carry a great deal of flaws.

    The perception of stereo types that lead to “racist” behavior start with one on one experiences that become shared tales and present that sense of similarity and commonality among people that have distinguishable traits in common. Stereotypes are not limited to ethnicity, they exist in religion, gender, sexuality, financial status and even political affiliation.

    Two qualifications generally exist in this type of thinking. The first being that there is a “they” (whomever your racism would be practiced against) that represents a group of people you judge based stereotypes shared among those with their similar characteristics (in this case I’ll use your choice of ethnicity). Second there is an “us”, those you identify with to find similarity and common grounds against another characterized group of people.

    Now to put a fair perspective here. You have taken a group of people “white people” and characterized them as all being in a position to exercise racism. Then at the same time characterized another group of people “black people” and said they are not capable of carrying out “acts of racism in the same manner white Americans have in the past and present”.

    So I want to explore this individually to explain why you are indeed yourself speaking in a racist manner while professing your inability to be racist.

    First, lets look at “white Americans”. I’m a white American, by your standards this puts me in a position a black American could not be in to exercise racism. I would really like to hear what position I am in to practice racism? Does my skin color make me rich? Does it make me politically acceptable or more desirable for a job? Does it make it easier for me to get an education? Please, I really want to know how this simple fact, my white skin, puts me in a position above you or anyone else for that matter to exercise racism? I believe your very implication that this criteria qualifies me to exercise racism is in itself racist and one of the fundamental problems with America today, over classification of individuals based on simple common characteristics that truly indicate nothing in common with one another except a few strands of DNA that equate to less than the number of strands of DNA all people have in common regardless of ethnicity or even gender.

    Now I’d like to offer some other “classifications” to go with this:
    I’m not only white, I’m a male. Does this also make me sexist? Because based on your criteria you’ve given of skin color alone I should be in a position to practice sexism that someone such as yourself should not be in.

    I believe in conservative government spending and have voted for republican candidates (not always, but I’ve done it!). Certainly this adds to my stereotype and furthers my power over other people to exercise my dominance?

    I’m a Christian, so I assume you now know all my religious beliefs and can nod your head and say “yep, yep!” because that fits in to my supreme being persona right?

    I was born into poverty, does this help with my stereotype? Because my skin color has done nothing but hurt my attempts to break out of my birthright to nothing and provide a life for my family.

    Lets look at my reality:

    Affirmative action in California ensured there were no opportunities from anyone to get me out of the urban life I was born to because there’s no such thing as an organization to help poor white men. According to the stereotypes I’ve been labeled with my skin color was the only silver spoon I needed. Unfortunately there were no programs to help me, no scholarships, no schools that would take me as a charity case. I’m autodidactic because despite the way the American institution works I desired to learn and rise above the life I was born to. So for education there were no special privileges or opportunities due to my skin color.

    Well certainly it helps with work right? Well when I have applied for state jobs that I felt would provide for my family there has always been a testing penalty because of my skin color and gender. They refer to it as an affirmative action preference which gives a bonus to certain groups but lets face it, when everyone but one demographic group gets a bonus it’s not really a bonus, it’s a penalty for the one that doesn’t qualify. Amazingly minority and women applicants have not once failed to take advantage of this and my checking that “white” box and the “male” box has ensured I’ve never even gotten an interview for positions I was well qualified for.

    I gave up on government work and tried to make it for myself. Got a company going, went through the struggles, realized with the changes that were happening my only hope to stay in business was to get some government work. I did some volunteer projects to get my foot in and I kid you not ended up being denied even bidding on my first job. What was the reason? The job received federal funds and had a non-negotiable MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) requirement. The project manager actually suggested to me that I find a minority to be my business partner, giving them half my company, so I could bid these types of jobs. After repeating and attending more than 20 bid walks, every single job going to an MBE company I could not compete with because I wasn’t some rich corporation, I was a small struggling company just like them, I eventually threw in the towel and folded. I can’t pinpoint why but for some reason my silver spoon is a bit tarnished because it hasn’t gotten me anything financially.

    Socially it must have helped me out I suppose? Well due to being poor I was a socially awkward child as it was. I’m a different type of person and that difference represented a whole category of problems throughout my entire childhood and early adult life. My first day of high school after my aunt pretended to be my mom to get me registered walking to class I got jumped by three older and much larger boys who happened to be African American. As they kicked me repeatedly up against the lockers they took my class schedule, ripped it up and told me to “go home, we don’t need another white boy here”. They apparently had not been informed of my power over them. In fact I spent my entire first year of high school going through suspension after suspension defending myself because I had learned in previous years of my life if I didn’t it was worse. Somehow I do not think these kids got your memo about their lack of power to exercise racism.

    In fact, lets look at that part now, what does it take to exercise racism?

    Well words can be racist, spoken, written, pretty much any way you can use them. I’m pretty sure you can be racist in sign language if that was your choice.
    Actions can be racist. I’m pretty sure you don’t need much power to take action. In history I heard of some racist hooded white people burning crosses on peoples lawns. That was indeed some racist crap, but I don’t think it required a lot of power to wear a sheet, stake some wood, and burn it. I would guess it didn’t take any more power than those boys had at my high school. You don’t need money to be racist, in fact I’d argue that most racism happens in the poorest of neighborhoods and the only way it reaches mainstream knowledge is through the media because I don’t see a lot of racism happening in the suburbs.

    All it really takes to exercise racism is a single moment of power for one person or a group of people to have over another person or group of people. I’ve experienced this, my children have experienced this, and I know very few people of any ethnicity that haven’t in my neighborhood. Yet I do not let this cloud me into believing these issues are the issues of everyone with a like skin color. They are people with like circumstances that are mad at the world for the way life is and many of them are looking for someone to blame. People like the author and the news media tell them people that look like me are to blame, and things go as they do.

    Yes, way in the past there were white Americans that held slaves. Oddly enough they did not invent slavery but white people did end it. The Civil War was not blacks vs whites. It was white Americans fighting alongside black Americans to free the slaves and last I checked those who wanted to end slavery won. Yes, white Americans stood with black Americans and fought to make things right. Slavery was abolished in 1865 and ratified around 6 months after the end of the Civil War. What does that mean? Simply put it means there isn’t a single white person alive in this country that bares one ounce of responsibility for that stain on American history. We are the descendants of those that won, those that fought for equal rights and freedom. We live in a country today that we tolerate laws legalizing racism against ourselves in some insane desperate attempt to prove that our skin color does not make us racist, and it doesn’t. However the belief that it does I argue is in itself an act of racism. History is something we learn from, not something we are. I have many friends of various ethnic groups who will attest I am not racist, I’ve never contributed to committing a single racist act, I have never owned a slave and in fact if you follow my family history I doubt a single one of them ever had two cents to rub together let alone enough money to hold a slave. My history, my family, my lineage is not that of oppressive racists, so how dare you group me in with other people based on my skin color, make assumptions to my power and status based solely on my skin color, then tell me I have the power to exercise racism while you do not! Your entire article is filled with nothing but racism.

    I’m going to fill you in on something that will hopefully allow you to open your eyes and see the world around you.

    People, any people, are capable of hate. Racism is nothing more than hate labeled at people based on their ethnicity and everyone is capable of that. There will always be racist people of every ethnicity until we’re all grey, and we’ll eventually become grey because most people do not share this kind of hate. This does not make everyone in any ethnicity racist or immune to being racist.

    The biggest setback black Americans face is not their skin color, it’s poverty. Poverty holds people down, often for generations upon generations. It denies us the opportunities those with money have and if you’re not born into those categories then you don’t have those opportunities in life period. Black Americans embody this because they came from slavery. They didn’t come to America with gold and riches, they were delivered in chains. The “old money” of America is largely white and as that America embodies that white people have all the money and power. Well first off those people as a whole consist of the top 1%, and maybe even most of the top 10% since wealth has a way of spreading among family. Take a trip to the hood some time though. We’ve got white people, black people, hispanic people, asian people… we’ve got everything here because poverty knows no race. Half of the violence that happens race wise in the hood comes from incitement and propaganda from our media promoting it to groups of people that are pissed because life’s not only hard in the hood but it’s rapidly getting harder, not better. Poor people are being weeded out and have nowhere to go as homes in our worst urban areas are breaking $1450 a month and requiring 3x the rent for income in a neighborhood where most of the jobs pay $10/hour 30 hours a week.

    Yes, black Americans started this game of getting ahead in the American dream late and didn’t have the head start some did but as a whole when you look at square one it’s a melting pot of every ethnicity, including white, and of us all, being white is to my knowledge the only way it’s actually legal to stack the deck against you, opposed to someone else of similar circumstance and based solely on our skin color. Sure, hate exists, prejudice exists, it’s all over the place but I’ll tell you right now with all due respect to the media and everyone out there that thinks the way you do, poverty is colorblind.

    You think I receive special treatment in the hood by the police because I’m white? I get pulled over an average of twice a month by cops that apparently don’t know they’re not supposed to harass me because I’m white. No, I don’t get tickets or arrested because I’m not breaking any laws, I respect them despite the fact I feel they often have no real excuse to pull me over, and once they’ve checked and found there’s nothing I’ve done wrong they let me go on my way (usually). When I call the police do you think they rush to my aid because I’m white? HAH! When my truck was stolen I had to go online to file a police report and they refused to so much as finger print it even though there were greasy finger prints all over it when it was found. They did absolutely nothing. I’ve had cops hold guns on me, search my car, check me for weapons, you name it. Most of the people where I live hate the police and I’m sure a great number of them would love to take out a cop if they had the chance. This probably makes them a bit too edgy and over-reactive and it’s not something I condone, but if one of them did shoot me, even if it was a black cop like depicted in your lovely racist art, it would not be all over the media. There would be no riots or protests and no one would accuse the cops of being racist against me. There are clearly issues between law enforcement and those in urban areas, especially black Americans but I will state once again that does not make me, everyone that looks the same shade of skin as me, or even all white cops racist.

    To sum this up. Everyone is capable of being racist and I’d argue almost everyone is capable of exercising that racism in some capacity just as you have with your article. Now I’m not saying your article was intentionally racist. In fact, I’d go as far as to say many acts of racism by many people are not really intentional. They’re born of ignorance to what racism even is or how it represents itself in the minds of those around them. I would even be willing to go on a limb and say you (the author) are probably not intentionally racist, despite the very clear presence of resentment towards white people in your words. You are however with no doubt among those ignorant enough to fan the flames of hatred. In a forum such as this many speak out against you, some of them may be racist and others likely just resent your insinuation that they are because of their skin color. Maybe even others such as myself that have experienced the racism you deny can exist and feel appalled by your words. However what scares me the most is that you’re well spoken, well written, and clearly intelligent despite being clearly misinformed. This means those around you likely listen and give weight to your words, allowing you to spread poisonous thinking that propagates racism in a vicious cycle where those who experience it the least try to explain to the world what racism looks like (white people) and sadly find enough of an audience that you become a threat to the lives of innocent people just trying to live. You see you have proven you have the “power” to exercise racism. Look how much of it you’ve inspired in the comments to your articles. That is where the danger truly lies. In the hatred and racism spread by those claiming hatred and racism without having the slightest grasp of what that really means or the impact it has on the lives you touch.

  39. 1.It is true—black people and minorities can be racist. However, they cannot carry out acts of racism because they do not have the opportunities or resources to practice racism in the manner white Americans have in the past and present
    Lmfao…. Ummmm…. WHAT??? Did you have ANYONE read this before you submitted it? The dont have the resorurses nor the opportunity to practice racism? This article has to be a joke. Now it is white America’s fault. I want what ever your smoking.

    2.Racism is racism, and it is still defined as “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.”

    That being said, it is inherently true that anyone can be racist, but minorities in America are not racist without reason

    She starts off with INTELLIGENT statement…
    Oh shit stupidity came spewing forth!

    3.People were incensed at my claim “black people cannot be racist,” and one cannot help but wonder why. The personal attacks aimed at me, and the reaction from several commenters only seemed to qualify my belief that some white people do not truly understand racism, how it works in this country and how it pertains to minorities

    Some mean ol’ crackers didnt like what I had to say! I worked really really hard on this article. So hard that I had to actually write a SECOND artical just to explain the first artical. And these white people, who are most likely older and more intelligent than I, do not even know what racism means. I have to lay out the definition, because I’m “qualified”.

    So I could go on and pick this “artical” apart. This comes down to a winning, poor pitty, hand me over everything because back in da day, a million years ago, people I never heard of were rounded up by OTHER black people. Who the took said captives off to market to sell. Making some black Africans very rich. So now black America will sit back on thier asses, collect checks for doing what? Oh… Right… NOTHING but bitch about how we owe THEM. Ok… I got ya, Just prove to me YOU were sold into slavery. Then we will make it right. No? Not you? Hum… Ok your momma? No? Umm wow. Ok Granny? NO? YOU AIN’T OWED SHIT! Get off y’alls asses stop looting… (You never see them looting. One damn pair of work boots) get a JOB, and EARN your keep like every other American does. And get out of your mommas house while your at it!

  40. I guess you just don’t see how saying you understand why blacks hate whites due to past actions of whites is wrong. Lumping all whites into one giant negative entity as if everyone white is the same as the next with no individuality for example the majority of whites never owned slaves including those in the south so even though only some whites owned slaves all whites are lumped in to that stigma or are automatically associated with that somehow anyway. So for one to say it makes sense why blacks feel as they do about “white people” because of what “white people” have done only shows ignorance and quite frankly a possible indication of racism on their part. Not anywhere close to a majority of whites subscribed to the jim crow laws either. Feeling justified in hating an entire race because some from that race have done wrong is race based hate and no different than someone white lumping all blacks together in a negative light based on the actions of some. Everyone who was alive and was a part of that is long since dead except for some who experienced the last breaths of jim crow era perhaps but still cant just lump “white people” as if that is a single organism……….it is wrong!

  41. They can carry out the acts of racism they are in positions and were. I’m a Hispanic woman. 25 yrs. ago I earned a degree. A degree that took me longer than most to complete. I wanted a city job they had great benefits. My parents worked 3 jobs each to put food on the table they each had one city job out of the three. So, every day I went to the employment office and pulled a card off the wall and asked the lady at the desk if I could apply for the job each time she asked if I had some experience pertaining to job and I didn’t’ I had a degree. Each time she told me to put the card back on the wall. I thought maybe I’m shooting too high. Maybe if I just get in and work hard I can find something else later. So, I pulled a card for a receptionist job. I had an IT degree. I wanted to be a computer programmer. But each day I went in there that dream became just that a dream. I said Mam I would like to apply for this job? I saw it her back went up she sat straighter in her seat, Her chin went up and she said do you have 6 months of working experience answering phones? I said no mam I have a college degree. I know many software applications, I can type so many words a minute, I have learned many programming languages. I can do this job. She said if they wanted a college degree instead of 6 months working experience answering phones they would have put it. Go put that card back on the wall. I left and cried when I got in my mom’s car and said all this work I did to get a degree was for nothing. I can’t even get a job answering phones. She said, I went in there with you the first time you went in there. I saw how she changed the minute you walked up. I recognized that look. I have been given that look my whole life. But, I needed you to see it. I needed you to know when it is happening to you. When that wall goes up don’t keep trying to walk thru it. Figure a way around it. Don’t give up your dream. Work hard and you will achieve it. That lady was a Black woman. I don’t know what I did to rub her wrong? But, I never returned there to look for a job. I have been a software developer for over 23 years. I achieved my dream thru hard work and determination. I have come across people like this lady in my career but, I recognized it sooner. I learned to work around it. Racism exists between non-white people. I have experienced and it is real. I look back and I thank that lady. I became a stronger person thru her actions and I achieved my dream. I was recently told by a black man that I was an uneducated person. That I needed to say Thank You to his people that if it was not for his people my people would still be riding in the back of the bus. That I needed to pick up a book and read. All because I said I stand for the flag. That I was proud to be and American. He said I would not be an American if it was not for his people. He didn’t know me? Why was considered uneducated to him? Was it because I was Hispanic? That bus, when my mom was a little girl she wanted to load that bus with her 2 younger siblings. So, she got in the color line. As a child that is where she thought she was supposed to go. Did she ride in the back of the bus? No, because the black adults in line told her and her siblings to get. Get out of here, get out of line, you don’t belong here. I don’t need a book to learn about racism and my people have been thru. I just need to listen to their stores. 3 kids it should not matter what color you are they are children you’re an adult they look up to adults for guidance. They don’t see color. They are not raised racist. My point it does exist and between races you just can’t read about it in the books.

  42. I have a dream that one day everyone will stop hyperfocusing on their own victimhood; that people of color won’t start their children so early in life beating into them how badly the world is and will treat them; instead I hope one day they lift their children up to know they can be anything they want to be if they work hard enough. That one glorious day white people might be judged NOT by the color of their skin but by the content of their character…….

  43. “However, they cannot carry out acts of racism because they do not have the opportunities or resources to practice racism in the manner white Americans have in the past and present.”

    As a white man who grew up in the city of Detroit I can tell you that’s simply not true. I was told I couldn’t shop at certain stores or walk down certain streets in my neighborhood because I’m white. When I got attacked I was told that “now I know how it feels” by the black parents of the kid who assaulted me. Which makes no sense because at 14 I had never hurt anyone.
    Im presented every day with the idea that Im a bad human and a horrible person who should apologize and feel bad for something people who lived hundreds of years ago did. I’ve never been a racist but I know what it feels like to live with them.

    so the question is do I deserve to be hated, mistreated and bullied because of the color of my skin? If you think the answer is YES then your a racist and your wrong. Get help or take a long walk off a short pier and save society from your foolishness.

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