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Is Old Main haunted?

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Old Main first opened in the fall of 1903 as Texas State’s first building. Since then, the structure has gone through many renovations.

The most notable renovation happened in 1985 when flooring was added to the top level of the building to get rid of the balcony style layout.

The speculated reason behind this reformation may have been to prevent any further tragic incidents such as the death of a female student.

Old Main became dubbed as haunted when a student supposedly jumped or was pushed from the third story balcony and immediately died from the fall, according to www.theshadowlands.net

Ever since the incident, students and faculty have reported seeing unusual activity and strange apparitions.

Norely Arredondo, athletic training freshman, has witnessed the paranormal activity first hand.

“During orientation, I went on the ghost tour and they took us inside Old Main,” Arredondo said. “As soon as they started talking about the girl who died, all of the lights started flickering and it was super creepy.”

Some claim the student jumped because of a broken heart.

“When people tell the story they always say that the student had a boyfriend in the military, but he died while on duty,” Arredondo said. “The girl was so upset that she could no longer live life without him.”

Kindra Colgin, senior administrative assistant in the Dean’s Office for the College of Fine Arts and Communication, works in Old Main every day.

“I have been here 26 years, but I have never experienced anything unusual,” Colgin said.

In all her time being in Old Main, Colgin has never seen real, hard proof, nor has any other faculty member.

“I know a lot of people who talk about it in a joking matter, but I have never known anyone who seriously believe they have seen something or have evidence of anything,” Colgin said.