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Meet Your Representative: Connor Clegg

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A love for history that developed into a love for political science is what led to Connor Clegg to become the Student Government 2016 Chief of Staff.

Clegg became Chief of Staff after Andrew Homann and Samantha Martinez were elected to represent the student body. Though Clegg is not in an elected position, he is said to work just as hard at representing students as those who were.

“I think that fresh, outsider perspective has helped me be successful in my capacity as Chief of Staff,” Clegg said.

The 20-year-old from Baytown is a political science junior with minors in political communication and philosophy. He hopes to continue his passion for politics after college by moving to Washington D.C. or Austin in order to lobby for education reform on either the state or federal level.

“I came into college an English major hoping to become a teacher,” Clegg said. “I hope to leave college as a political advocate with a goal aimed toward helping teachers nurture our future generations.”

Clegg said his favorite part of the position is being able to see the behind-the-scenes work the senators and administration do for the student body.

“It’s the nitty-gritty negotiations and important meetings with high-level folks every week that keep me excited about my job,” Clegg said. “It’s advocating and lobbying on behalf of the senate and students that makes my work fulfilling.”

His goal, as well as the administration’s, is to continue to work with senators to create meaningful legislation that will improve the lives of everyone on campus.