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Kygo stole the show at ACL

A couple enjoys a concert Oct. 9 at ACL Music Festival. Areas of the festival are designated for those who choose to lounge in chairs or on blankets.
Photo by: Lara Dietrich Multimedia Editor

One of the biggest crowds at Austin City Limits Festival joined forces to rock in sync to the hard bass and sweet melodies of Kygo Saturday night.

An hour before Kygo was set to go on, fans were impatiently waiting for the man they came to see.

“One of the main reasons I even came to both weekends of ACL was to see Kygo,” said Michael Yanez, ACL veteran. “He was incredible (at) weekend one, but totally blew me away tonight.”

The sun was already down, but Kygo lit up the sky with his music and stage presence. As one of his most popular songs started playing, it was as if the thousands of bodies watching him froze in time.

Everyone was singing “we light up the world,” as Kygo played his hit “Firestone.”

People felt a sense of community as his last song, “Stole the Show,” began to play. Strangers, friends and families were holding hands swaying to the music.

Kygo exceeded the expectations of fans and transformed new listeners into life-long proponents of his art.