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How to conquer fall makeup

As seasons change so does makeup, the fall season is in full swing so it is time to take out those darker matte lipsticks and berry eye shadows to make sure your look stays up to date.
Photo by: Lauren Hancock | Staff Photographer

As the temperature drops and leaves begin to fall, bold lips and gold eyeshadows are welcomed to the autumn season.

Here are trending makeup products for sweater weather season.

  1. Eyes

Kaila Garrett, mass communication freshman and makeup enthusiast, said new seasonal eye shadow palettes can help anyone conquer the perfect fall look.

“Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette is a good one, because the colors in that palette just scream fall,” Garett said. “I really want to get my hands on that palette, because you could create so many looks with the amount of colors in it.”

Emmi Tinnin, sales associate at Ulta, said the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette sold out in stores fast, but there are dupes available cheaper than the $42 product.

“One brand that makes great dupes is called ‘Makeup Revolution,’” Tinnin said. “(The) palettes go for about $15 exclusively at Ulta.”

Another eye shadow palette released this past week is Kylie Jenner’s Burgundy KyShadow palette filled with deep red mattes and shimmery browns.

“The Burgundy palette is beautiful,” Garret said. “I could definitely see a purplish smoky eye for fall.”

  1. Lips

 Tinnin said darker shades of matte lipstick have replaced bright gloss lips for the season.

“Bold lips are really what I think will be trending especially a red or burgundy matte shade,” Garett said.

Christina Carbajal, communication studies junior, said ColourPop is her favorite brand because of its affordability.

The ColourPop liquid lipsticks cost about $6 and come in many different matte shades.

  1. Face

Garett said the temperature drop will only  help makeup pop out.

“I feel that people are going to wear more makeup because in the summer it’s more of hassle, and in the fall you know your makeup won’t get messy as easily,” Garett said.

Carbajal said she thinks people will be buying new foundation.

“In the fall I always have to go one shade lighter on my foundation since I lose my tan,” Carbajal said.

Tinnin said stores are consistently reshelving foundations.

“Anastasia came out with a stick foundation and Urban Decay came out with an All Nighter foundation with a lot of coverage,” Tinnin said. “Another one that I have seen people buy from the drugstore section is the L’Oreal Pro Matte.”

  1. Eyebrows

Tinnin said her best advice is to leave eyebrows alone and let them take a natural shape.

“Brows are getting a little bit smaller again, and people are looking for a more natural Cindy Crawford kind of look,” Tinnin said. “They are keeping them a little bit straighter. People aren’t going for that crazy curve anymore.”

  1. Cheeks

Tinnin said new highlighting palettes are coming out specifically for the change of season.

“We have the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Ultimate Glow Kit that everyone is going crazy about,” Tinnin Said.

The new Anastasia Beverly Hills Ultimate Glow kits are $45.

Carbajal said she likes to get more for her dollar when shopping for makeup.

“Always try and find dupes,” Carbajal said. “Expensive makeup does not always mean it’s good. There are so many good products out there that are half price.”

Drug store brands such as Wet n Wild and NYX have strobing palettes and highlighters that are less than $20 and just as effective.