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Die Antwoord brings the weird and the energy


Thousands ran towards the stage as Die Antwoord, the musical group from South Africa, hit the first note while parents shielded children’s eyes and ears.

Die Antwoord’s set was not for the prude or weary. Between the high pitched rapping and R-rated graphics, the band set the night off with a dose of energy. The South African rap-rave group was a combination of derogatory language and energizing beats. Exactly what the thousands of people watching were after.

Ninja and Yolandi Visser moved around the stage with onesie-wearing dancers.

Die Antwoord was featured both weekends of Austin City Limits Music Festival this year and did not disappoint fans who were intrigued by the eclectic, unusual and captivating sound.

Casper the friendly ghost with genitals on the big screen.

“That was the weirdest, most fun and confusing show I’ve ever seen,” said one festival goer as he walked away from the show.

Die Antwoord brought the weird, the fantastic and the wild to the hour long set which left fans dancing until their feet hurt and yelling for an encore.