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Clown Lives Matter is not a joke


With the recent creepy clown sightings , San Marcos is beginning to look like a freak show and definitely not in a good way. These terrifying clowns are dangerous and steal students’ sense of security at night.

Theories range from a mass marketing ploy to a social media fad, but no one knows why clowns are popping up in towns like circus tents. Clowns have spread to more than a dozen states, forcing residents to play a game of dare every time they are out at night.

The month of October is supposed to bring promises of cool breezes and pumpkin spice lattes, not the possibility of being assaulted by a crazed clown on Texas State property. Clowns have been spotted all over San Marcos, from a demonic jokester near CM Allen Parkway to a chainsaw-carrying fool by the Sanctuary Lofts apartment complex.

Clown sightings are draining police resources and mirroring the anxiety and tension brewing in our country—and no one gets the joke.

It is idiotic and sick to dress up as a clown to scare people—especially in Texas. Texans believe in guns. Guns provide self-defense. Guns kill creepy clowns that attack females in the night.

Students at Pennsylvania State University gathered together to partake in “clown hunts,” and some Texas State students have a similar frame of mind. All one has to do is scroll through #TXST tweets to see how students would handle a clown attack.

The various attacks across the country have understandably struck panic and fear in the hearts of Americans. Because of this, professional clowns felt the need to start a movement of their own—Clown Lives Matter.

Jordan Jones, a professional performer by the name of Snuggles the Clown, is not pleased with how his fellow actors are being portrayed.

“At the end of the day, people look at me like I’m a clown trying to hurt them,” Jones said.

The “Clown Lives Matter” movement picked up speed in order to quell the nation’s burgeoning fear, but that name and platform were not the way to do it. It is awful that people are losing money and work because of a few, but that does not compare to the fear the black community faces daily—not just in October.

This “movement” demeans and belittles the Black Lives Matter protest on the same level of “All Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter.” It makes a mockery of an institutional struggle faced by a substantial amount of America’s population.

Just as a police uniform can be taken off at the end of a hard day of work, so can clown makeup and a squeaky red nose. Black people cannot scrub off their blackness or return to a life where the police do not prosecute them.

Yes, creepy attacks are negatively affecting professional clowns. However, that does not excuse the mockery they are making out of BLM.

Clown attacks are no better than an awful circus sideshow, but it will most likely end with the culmination of Halloween. Professional clowns will find whatever work they had previously, and the police will still murder black people.


  1. Black lives matter movement belittles itself when there are literally no facts to prove that police disproportionately persecute black people more than any other ethnic group in the United States. Screaming, cussing, looting, burning businesses, calling for the suburbs to be burned down, calling for dead cops (now), and murdering police officers as well as fellow black protestors are all actions that belittle the black lives matter movement. The spokesperson of the Texas State BLM movement saying “the constitution wasn’t written for everyone” while commenting on a non-violent protest against the national anthem that the BLM group staged is not only the definition of irony, or maybe hypocrisy, it is also an action that belittles the BLM movement. No, you can not scrub off your blackness, which is something that I’m sure no one wants you to do, but you can hand in your fake victim card and make sure that if you promote a movement or stand for something the foundation of that movement isn’t situated upon clouds and fluff. If you want to return to a life where black people are not persecuted for no other reason than the color of their skin, I challenge you to wake up tomorrow and return to this reality.

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