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Black Lives Matter—globally

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To be honest, I am extremely tired of writing about why black lives should mean something to the rest of the world. I should not have to argue that I have the right to be alive.

There have been two more black men killed in the past week, and in the same breadth a column was published on CNN arguing the Black Lives Matter movement is only about American black lives.

Before I get into the fallacy of Vava Tampa’s column, I would like to stress, once again, all lives are important. black lives, white lives, Hispanic, Asian and all other ethnicities and demographics are included in the phrase “Black Lives Matter.” By asserting that the lowest common denominator in society is important, everyone else’s value is affirmed.

Thanks to European colonialism’s concept of race, black people are victims in society everywhere—not just in America. So when Tampa begins his argument by stating, “When people say ‘Black Lives Matter,’ what they really mean is that Black American Lives Matter,” I can’t help but roll my eyes.

The Black Lives Matter group was started in America on American soil. Since it began in America, obviously the group’s focus would be on what is happening in its immediate area, first and foremost.

Yes, black people are being slaughtered in Congo, Brazil and across the world, but how will Americans help them if we cannot help ourselves?

To argue the Black Lives Matter movement does not care about black lives in other countries is asinine at best. People tend to care more about things in their immediacy because the impact will be greater on their lives.

I’m not worried about being raped in Congo because I do not live there. I am worried I will be pulled over by the wrong cop, on the wrong day and ending up as another dead black American.

That may seem like a selfish assertion and in part it is, but if a cop in America kills me, how will I help black lives in places like Africa and Brazil?

Of course, black lives in other countries are important—no one person involved in Black Lives Matter has said that they are not. If anything, those proactive in social justice will be more concerned about the social injustice in other countries, but are preoccupied trying to mend things at home.

The Black Lives Matter group has been fragmented since its inception, with members in cities all over the United States fighting for change within their own communities. Because the organization uses a localized, grass-roots approach to protest, it is up to local branches to call for change overseas—and they have been doing just that.

For many Americans, Black Lives Matter protests are not out of moral outrage as Tampa would argue, but they are personal demonstrations for fear of our friends and family being hung next on the hanging tree.

All lives matter in every nook and cranny of the world. For Tampa to reason that Americans do not care about other countries is an overgeneralization and is extremely unfair.

Everyone has the right to live.

-Mikala Everett is a mass communications junior


  1. If only BLM actually cared for black lives!

    Sadly it is nothing but a neo-hate group full of narcissistic individuals who do not want to take responsibility for their own actions.
    If you commit a crime you must face punishment! It does not matter your race.
    If you do not listen to police instructions while they are trying to determine the situation, they may see you as a threat, and dealing with the worst of society everyday… they just want to be able to go home to their own families, so they will take action. (unfortunately it can sometimes mean death)
    But yes… police do act too soon sometimes, which is also stressed by a lack of funding for proper gear, lack of training, and an insubordinate public who do not wish to follow the laws.

    If you let your child go out side with a toy (or real) gun, who then points it at people acting like he is going to shoot them (especially in neighborhood full of crime) Do not be surprised if action is taken by police. As with so many of the so called “innocent” lives the BLM tries to defend.
    If the BLM movement truly cared for black lives, they would work to end crime in their neighborhood and households. Instead of using their own racial biases and blaming whites for crime in their areas because the police arrest black criminals.
    FYI. they arrest all criminals deemed such!

    If you want to help black lives, teach your kids to pay attention in school. Teach them to stay away from drugs, they do NOTHING to better your life. Then be a role model to them, work hard, accept responsibility and be a good person instead of spreading hate.

    That is what the civil rights protests were about…. not a bunch of lawless narcissistic brats who do not want to accept responsibility for their own misdeeds. MLK would be ashamed at what has happened with the so called “black community” and how the BLM movement has risen. He did not advocate for self segregation he advocated for all races to cast away differences and live together as one!

    BLM will fall!
    Racisim will fall!

  2. Due to the FBI reporting in 2014 that approximately 90% of black deaths were from other black people, it’s hard for people to truly take the phrase “black lives matter” seriously. The biggest threat to black lives, by and far, are other black lives. To you, the phrase “black lives matter” really means “it only counts when whites murder blacks”. If black lives truly mattered, why isn’t the movement going to places like the streets of Chicago and protesting the rampant black-on-black crime being committed there? Yes, there are absolutely issues of police brutality our country is facing, and yes, some of these instances have been racially motivated. But the movements regressive way of addressing the issue of general black safety as if White-Americans are Black-Americans’ biggest threat, without reforming or improving any aspects of the black-on-black crime issue, have left many frustrated and disgusted.

    When you yourself say “For many Americans, Black Lives Matter protests are not out of moral outrage as Tampa would argue, but they are personal demonstrations for fear of our friends and family being hung next on the hanging tree.” In terms of death statistics, shouldn’t those personal demonstrations for fear be against other Black-Americans? If 90% of black deaths are from other black people, shouldn’t black people’s biggest “fear” be other black people? It’s only whites murderers that makes you “fearful”?

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