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Proposal takes place by Bobcat statue

Photo by: Cassandria Alvarado | Staff Photographer


The second class day wasn’t  just another normal day for one Bobcat. By the end of the day, Yesenia Serna, mathematics sophomore, was newly engaged to longtime girlfriend, Adrianna Macias.

Macias proposed to Serna this past Tuesday in front of the Bobcat Statue on campus.

As Serna walked out of her ethics class, she was surprised to find her now fiancée Adrianna Macias waiting for her.

“I was just surprised,” Serna said. “I was happy to see her but I was kind of just like ‘what are you doing here?’”

Macias arranged Serna’s best friend to be with her during the proposal.

“She told me she had to be there,” Macias said. “And I know she (Serna) doesn’t get to see her often and she misses her. So, I knew I had to ask her now.”

Serna said she was excited to see her best friend and girlfriend but didn’t expect her real surprise to be a proposal.

“We were going to take a picture,” Serna said. “And I was a little confused on who was going to be in the picture but then I turned around and saw her (Macias) on her knees.”

Jenna Bollweg, international studies sophomore, was able to catch the special moment with her phone camera.

“I saw Adrianna was holding a little black box behind her back,” Bollweg said. “I realized what was happening and ran to the other side of the bobcat so I could get a picture.”

Bollweg said she took it upon herself to take the photo when she noticed Serna’s best friend filming but saw no one taking a photo.

“I pulled out my camera because I thought to myself ‘nobody is noticing this,’” Bollweg said. “When they started hugging still nobody was noticing, so I just started furiously clapping. I was really excited.”

The photo gained attention after Texas State’s Instagram posted the photo congratulating the couple.

“Someone actually just congratulated us,” Macias said. “Walking by they said congratulations and complimented us.”

The couple received both congratulations and judgment remarks on the photo from strangers. Comments targeted the young age of the couple.

“I think we just look young,” Serna said. “But we’ve been through a lot together.”

Since April of 2013 Serna and Macias have been fighting for their “Romeo and Juliet” relationship.

The couple met in ROTC. Serna said she always had her eye on Macias – although Macias was in a previous relationship.

Serna said she kept her distance, not wanting to disrespect Macias and her relationship. The couple became best friends as Serna helped mend Macias after her break up.

“I always had my eye on her,” Serna said. “I was just a freshman and I know she didn’t notice me until later but we were best friends.”

Serna said her parents found it difficult to accept her relationship with Macias as a lesbian couple.

“I grew up in a very conservative and Christian household,” Serna said. “My parents didn’t really understand. My mom was worried about the family talking about me and my dad said he didn’t want (me) to grow attached because he thought this would be temporary.”

Macias said she still asked for Serna’s parents’ permission to propose.

“I just knew it wouldn’t be right,” Macias said. “So, I still asked them for their blessing.”

Serna said her grandparents have served as a support system.

“They’re really accepting,” Serna said. “We visit all the time. My grandma said she would have known even if I hadn’t told her just by the way we look at each other.”

Serna and Macias have set their tentative wedding date for June of 2018.