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Make Texas State your new home


The arrival of Texas’ finicky and scorching fall months brings for many freshmen, a wave of homesickness so intense they can barely function. While it is true there is no place like home, attempt to make Texas State your new home.

Home, for many people is a source of warmth, comfort and love. Others, find their families intrusive and annoying at best and have no problems fleeing from parental control. Going to college for the first time allows students to build and discover who they are as a person and what their interests are.

Texas State can seem foreboding and large but luckily The Square, San Marcos’ historic downtown, is a quick walk down the hill. Don’t sit in your dorm room and stare at the wall longing for friends. Get out and walk around. Explore the campus and the surrounding city—make friends in San Marcos.

A great place to meet new people—especially if you’re not a fan of walking up to strangers—is one of Texas State’s many student organizations. Texas State offers over 370 different student organizations, so that students have the opportunity to find community in like-minded individuals.

If you aren’t interested in campus activities or events, San Marcos also has plenty of entertainment to offer. Between the river, the outlets and the Wonder World Park, there is no shortage of fun and good times.

Situated between the bustling hubs of Austin and San Antonio, San Marcos provides the perfect location to check out two cool cities. The prime location and beautiful vistas are why many choose to come to Texas State.

You came to Texas State for a reason, whether it was because of financial reasons or because there is a good program for your major, so don’t let hankerings for home plague your time here.

It is extremely vital not to return home every weekend. Visiting home every week will only intensify feelings of homesickness and will make your life at Texas State harder to enjoy. Plus, mom and dad are a quick FaceTime or phone call away.

Texas State offers numerous resources for dealing with homesickness. A quick trip to the counseling center can be helpful and insightful.

There are a lot of people in the same boat. Go out and meet these people, become friends and swap stories from home.


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