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Jordan Kohl: Determined to make a difference

Jordan Kohl, junior right side hitter, spikes the ball over the net Sept. 2 to score a point against SFA.
Photo by: Jamie Dorsey | Staff Photographer

Being a college athlete is a full-time job. While athletes must work hard by going to practices and performing in games, they also have to focus on school and getting their degrees.

For one Texas State Women’s volleyball player, getting her degree means so much more than just a title.

Jordan Kohl, junior right setter, started playing volleyball in third grade after her mother inspired her to join the YMCA team. Since then, volleyball remained Kohl’s focus throughout her life.

It was not until high school she started having interest in playing for Texas State.

Kohl first went to a volleyball camp at Texas State as a sophomore and came back the next two years.

“I just loved going to the camp,” Kohl said. “That’s whenever coaches noticed me going back and were really interested in me playing there. Then I went on a visit and I loved the coaches, girls and environment here at Texas State.”

Shortly after, Kohl was officially a college athlete.

Rewind 15 years prior to becoming a Bobcat, however, and one will find the path to Kohl’s success as a volleyball player was not easy.

At age three, doctors noticed she had lost the majority of her hearing in both ears. It was then determined Kohl had sensorineural hearing loss—one of the three most common types of hearing losses.

Kohl’s hearing loss progressively increased with age. Right now, she has about a 65-70 percent hearing loss in both ears.

Although this obstacle remains, Kohl refuses to let this challenge control how she lives her life.

Currently, Kohl is a family and child development major. With this major, Kohl wants to make a difference in other people’s lives.

“I want to be able to work with deaf patients and deaf families because I can really relate to them in many aspects,” Kohl said. “I really want to try to be able to focus on that with my major in some kind of way.”

Instead of hiding her difficulties, Kohl wants to embrace them and not let herself be held back.

When it comes to the future, Kohl is all about giving back not only to people she does not know, but to those closest to her.

“My mom taught me the game of volleyball at such a young age,” Kohl said. “For all the work she’s done for getting me here, I would like to repay her back by me graduating college with my degree and being able to get a good job to show her my respect.”

Kohl has two more years left in college, and plans to continue to show her success through the game she loves the most.

Dedication is what has made Kohl achieve so many goals. Her first year as a Bobcat, Kohl won the Sun Belt’s Freshman of the Year out of the entire conference.

She also currently holds the Texas State volleyball record for hitting percentage in one match with a .900 percent.

Outside of Texas State, Kohl recently debuted her volleyball talent as a member of the 2016 USA Deaf Olympic Volleyball team—becoming a Pan American Deaf Volleyball Games champion.

With high hopes for her future, Kohl would like to continue to play for the USA Deaf Olympic team, find success in a career and make an impact.

“I want to be able to have a job that I love doing after college,” Kohl said. “I want to wake up and be genuinely happy with what I’m doing.”

Although Kohl knows her hearing may be completely lost in the future, her drive and determination will always remain.