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Dynamic duo strikes at Texas State

Genesis Truman, freshman defender, keeps the ball away from a Northwestern State player Sept. 11.Photo by: Lauren Hancock | Staff Photographer

From club to college, two Texas State soccer players have been inseparable from the start.

Texas State Women’s Soccer freshmen Genesis Turman and Kalen Sanderfer have been playing soccer together since their sophomore year of high school.

“We played on our club team together, we played in high school together and now we are here together,” Sanderfer said.

Turman grew up in San Antonio then moved to Allen during her sophomore year of high school.

“My mom did some research and she found a club team in Dallas,” Turman said. “Prior to me even living there, we already had a team that I was going to play on. That team ended up being [Sanderfer’s] team, and we have been friends ever since.”

Opposites attract when it comes to Turman and Sanderfer.

Sanderfer said Turman is very outgoing, and could talk to almost everyone. Turman said Sanderfer is very kind, and thinks of others way too often.The duo have differences on the field.

Turman is more of a vocal leader on the field. Sanderfer is a hard worker, and shows who she is with determination and perseverance.

There is a faster pace in collegiate soccer. It is different for the teammates, and it is something they have to adapt to.

“Here, everyone is pulling on shirts and everyone is trying to get you on the ground,” Turman said. “I am doing my best to deal with that. The mental aspect of the game is different. Because it is so fast-paced, you don’t have time to mess around. So I really have to think on my feet and be fast about that.”

Coming in as a freshman on the team is intimidating. However, the women’s soccer team made the transition from high school to college a little easier.

Turman said the team feels like a family, and it helped her to open up and not shy away.

When Turman and Sanderfer become upperclassmen, they hope their teammates can look up to them. They want to be as encouraging as possible to new Bobcats.

“I just want to be someone to look up to,” Sanderfer said. “I know I am not the best or the most skilled, but by my senior year, I hope people can look at me and say ‘wow, she is not the best, but she works her butt off,’ and see that you can get so far by just working hard.”

The teammates have different personalities, but that is what keeps their friendship alive.

“She is really nice to everyone and she is always looking out for others, but she looks out for me too,” Turman said. “I think that is the biggest thing that helps our friendship continue to grow.”

Turman said they have separate rooms at Texas State, which is better for the two.

“Coach tried to room us together here, and we were like ‘no, we can’t do that,’” Sanderfer said.

“Everything that we’ve been through—the fights and everything—we always find a way to work it out,” Sanderfer said. “At the end of the day, we always find something to laugh about. It is just nice to have someone here that you can count on, and to have your back.”