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Bubble Believer spreads positive vibes across campus

Joseph Losoya, public relations senior, blows bubbles Sept. 15 at the bottom of the Alkek Library steps. Losoya says a goal that resulted from starting Bubble Believers was to provide former students with a common point in history to reflect upon and associate with experiences at Texas State. "I just wanted to spread some joy really," Losoya said. "To have a reason for everyone to remember their time here."
Photo by: Daryl Ontiveros | Staff Photographer

One Texas State student, also known as the ‘Bubble Believer,’ has been blowing bubbles.

Joseph Losoya, public relations senior, has become one of the many well-known personalities of Texas State since the 2015 fall semester.

Losoya said he was originally inspired to blow bubbles during his time in the Air Force as a way to cheer everyone up.

The Bubble Believer can usually be found in the Quad blowing bubbles and shouting words of encouragement to all bystanders.

Students can participate in his campaign by blowing bubbles as a way to relieve stress or to have fun.

Brianne Boiarsky, criminal justice sophomore, said seeing the Bubble Believer on campus helps brighten her day and that Losoya’s words of encouragement help her get through her classes.

“­­­­He creates good vibes,” Boiarsky said. “It’s just a group of people having fun and blowing bubbles.”

Faculty and staff have also taking a liking to the Bubble Believer.

Vanessa de Macedo Higgins Joyce, mass communications professor, said she enjoys having Losoya as a student and the positivity he brings to campus.

“­­I like the idea that he’s out there and he’s spreading his positive vibes,” Macedo Higgins Joyce said. “His positive attitude definitely shows and he lightens up the mood [of class] with his persona.”

Losoya said he doesn’t see himself as a local celebrity, but is approached by strangers daily throughout the campus.

“One girl approached me and patted me on the back and said, ‘you’re a legend,’” Losoya said. “I was like, ‘oh, that’s cool. Wow.’”

Losoya doesn’t stand alone in his campaign.

He proudly blows bubbles with his companion Walter, a retired piñata that gave up his partying days to make something of himself, according to Losoya.

Walter originally gained popularity in a San Antonio bar, where Losoya brought the piñata after his brother’s birthday party.

People responded positively to the piñata and it has been a part of the Bubble Believer campaign ever since.

Losoya, who plans to graduate in the summer of 2017, plans on bringing Walter across the stage with him.

As far as the campaign goes, the bubbles will remain strong throughout campus until graduation. The impact that Losoya is making is nothing short of positive and influential.

“I’m just happy to be Texas State’s bubble guy,” Losoya said.