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6 restaurants to visit in San Marcos


Growing at a fast rate, San Marcos is no longer a town with just college students. With restaurants popping up on every corner, the city is becoming known to tourists and locals for fine dining.

So before heading to the river, check out some of the town’s unique and local restaurants.

Root Cellar Café and Brewery  

Located in downtown San Marcos, Root Cellar Café offers quality  American food, beer and desserts.

Root Cellar brews its own beer.

Whether a customer is coming for a cup of coffee or a cold beer, the café and brewery is able to cater to one’s needs.

The restaurant has been voted Best Restaurant in San Marcos for the last two years.

Railyard Bar and Grill

The bar and grill restaurant includes outdoor and indoor space, providing food, games and drinks for people of all ages.

While serving a variety of burgers, soups and “Sandy’s” for lunch and dinner, Railyard provides live music to enhance the customer’s experience.

A game room, ping-pong table, washer and horseshoes are also available for all to enjoy.

The restaurant also hosts occasional movie and trivia nights.

Saltgrass Steakhouse

The restaurant strives to take each customer back to the 1800s and relive the moments when Texas was filled with roaming Longhorns.

Located on W. Sessom Drive, the restaurant offers a great view of the river, while customers eat lunch and dinner.

Herbert’s Grocery & Taco Hut

The Tex-Mex restaurant provides flavorful dishes and quick service.

Some of the most popular meals include, cheese enchiladas, breakfast tacos and burgers.

In the 35 years it has been running, Herbert’s was voted Best Mexican Food for the Best of Hays County.

Henry’s Restaurant

Most known for the big portions and inexpensive prices, the restaurant serves homemade multi-cuisine dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The wide variety of food such as catfish, lasagna and sandwiches leaves all customers satisfied and coming for more.

The family-owned business also provides catering service and can host any occasion.

Pie Society

Pie Society serves New York style pizza with fresh ingredients in every order.

The restaurant creates a casual atmosphere and with late hours, grabbing a pizza in the middle of night is easy.