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Notebook: Texas State 2, Prairie View A&M 0


What the win means

For the past nine meetings between Prairie View A&M and Texas State, the Bobcats have come out on top. With another win on the team’s shoulders, the success of this game can boost the Bobcats confidence when they hit the road against McNeese State.

Turning Point

The turning point in the game came in the second half with Texas State earning their second goal. With a through ball from junior Kira Zapalac, senior Lauren Prater beat the defense and earned her first goal of the season. In the second half, the Panthers did not give up. They did everything they could to stop the Texas State offense. Prairie View A&M possessed the ball more, the defense stepped up and they kept the Bobcats on their side of the field. The second goal for the Bobcats wrapped the game up, giving them their second win this season.

Spotlight Player

Prater has continued to be dominant in her collegiate career. She assisted the first goal of the game for junior Rachel Grout, and scored a goal of her own in the second half. Throughout the game, she made space and opened up for her teammates. As a senior this year, Prater is ready to take on the Sun Belt Conference. With an upset in the first round of the Sun Belt Conference Tournament, she is ready for revenge, and ready for anything.


In the first half, the game belonged to the Bobcats. They held on to the possession, and took more shots on goal which ultimately helped the offense. The midfield players were opening up the field, and making plays to the forwards. This is how the first goal was scored, with the team opening up and passing, the Bobcats had an easy shot for the 1-0 lead.


With the 1-0 lead going into halftime, the Bobcats were safe coming into the second half with the upper hand. Did that effect their performance in the second half? Maybe. Prairie View came back a different team. They were fighting for the ball, getting good balls in to the forwards and kept the Bobcats on their side of the field. The Panthers were not going out without a fight. The Bobcats were relaxed coming into the second half, and because of that they had a harder time executing their play.


Nothing ugly from the Bobcats. They are still undefeated in the season with the 2-0 win over Prairie View. With the win in mind, it could motivate the team to keep striving for their undefeated se


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