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Local food truck brings homemade food to town


Brisket, sauce, banana pudding and pickles are just a few of the homemade items you can find on new local food truck, Flores Barbecue’s menu.

Flores Barbecue opened in June at Altmeyer and Lewis Brewing Company. The official location of the restaurant can be found on North State Highway 123.

Michael Wyont, Flores Barbecue owner, has been perfecting his art since culinary school and is now sharing it with the residents of San Marcos.

“Barbecue has always been my passion and I kind of consider myself a connoisseur,” Wyont said. “I want to bring my own spin on barbecue to the public and San Marcos means a lot to me so I try to do things in a way that nobody in town has done.”

Wyont said he makes all his food from scratch, setting Flores Barbecue apart from other San Marcos barbecue establishments.

“We have really gotten a big response on our homemade pickles,” Wyont said. “People just love them. It is such a small thing, but when you have something special like that people will remember it.”

Cara Garcia, San Marcos resident, said she is looking forward to tasting Wyont’s specialties.

“I haven’t gone yet, but I really want to go soon and try it for myself,” Garcia said. “People are saying that the banana pudding is really good, so I am looking forward to that.”

To add on to the homemade food menu, Wyont said he is working on making his own specialty bread.

“I don’t have the room or facilities to do it right now, but making my own bread will really set me apart from others because most restaurants just use regular white bread,” Wyont said. “There are restaurants in Austin that make their own bread, but I want to bring it to San Marcos.”

Priscilla Lopez, New Braunfels resident, said Wyont’s attention to detail and love for food is worth the drive from her hometown.

“I believe what makes his food different is that he cooks from the heart and takes his time on his special seasonings,” Lopez said. “(There is) so much love in his food.”

Wyont said he wants all customers to feel at home and have a place to unwind when visiting Flores Barbecue.

“Since it’s hot right now most people are taking to-go orders, but we are hoping that in the fall, people actually stay and eat so we can build a relationship with our customers,” Wyont said.

Wyont said he wants expand and further his business in the future.

“We would definitely like to get a spot in town, so that way we can be closer to the locals and students and open up a brick and mortar restaurant,” Wyont said.

Lopez said the owner’s personality and food will make Flores Barbecue the next up-and-coming food truck.

“I do believe this little barbecue truck will be more than successful,” Lopez said. “Not only is the food great, but (Wyont) is a very humble and caring person.”

Wyont believes his dedication for food will keep the customers coming back.

“It takes years of practice and real hard work,” Wyont said. “I put my heart and soul into everything that I make and I want my customers to feel all the love that I put into my food.”