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Five essentials for the San Marcos River

An inner tube is a definite river essential. Sunblock, sunglasses and a cap are also essential for floating for the river.
Photo by: Vanessa Bell | Staff Photographer
An inner tube is a definite river essential. Sunblock, sunglasses and a cap are also essential for floating for the river.

As the Texas heat continues to beam down, Sewell Park, home to the San Marcos River, has become the go-to hangout spot for a relaxing and refreshing summer day.

Here are some essentials to make the most of your time at the San Marcos River.

  1. Sunscreen

Due to the skin damage sun can cause, putting on sunscreen is vital.

Rayann Mancha, health information senior, recalls a time when the sun got the best of her.

“I’ve had a bad experience when I went to the river all day and got sunburn,” Mancha said. “My shoulders were hurting for at least three days.”

To reduce your risk of a sunburn it is important to remember this small but effective item.

  1. Music

Music is an essential necessity any day at the river. Bring your favorite tunes and rock out while floating the river.

Kayla Garcia, English senior, said she brings a portable music player each time she visits the river.

“I like to bring my speaker to the river, because if I didn’t have it I wouldn’t have a good time,” said Garcia.

David Gonzalez, exercise and sports science junior, said music is a part of a fun day at Sewell Park.

“Being at the river is about enjoying the weather and listening to some good music with friends,” said Gonzalez.

  1. Student ID/Sport Balls

On a budget? Your student ID is your golden key to renting out tubes at a discounted price at various river businesses.

If you are more athletic, bring a sports ball or flying disc and toss it around.

“For me I like to throw the football or play some volley ball with friends, that is what the river is all about,” said Gonzalez.

  1. Extra clothes/swim attire

There’s nothing worse than driving back home in your damp swimsuit after jumping in the river – pack an extra set of clothes for the rest of your day’s endeavors.

If you planned to enjoy your day at Sewell Park laying out on Bikini Hill and not getting in the water – pack a swimsuit in case your spontaneous side peeks out and the water starts calling your name.

  1. The right vehicle

If you are floating down the river make sure to bring the right car to hold your tubes – don’t want them slipping out.

If you aren’t taking a shuttle back to Sewell, park your car near where you’ll be exiting the river to avoid a long walk back.

Natalia Portillo, interdisciplinary studies sophomore, said she learned her lesson the first time she visited Sewell Park.

“My freshman year I didn’t think it through,” Portillo said. “And I went all the way down the river until it was time to get out. It didn’t occur to me that I had to walk all the way back barefoot.”