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Back to School Fashion Essentials

Tank tops are key to staying cool these first few months of the semester. Pair them up with some cute shorts to keep yourself looking fresh on campus.
Photo by: Vanessa Bell | Staff Photographer
Tank tops are key to staying cool these first few months of the semester. Pair them up with some cute shorts to keep yourself looking fresh on campus.

It’s that time of year again—back to school shopping. Be comfortable and stylish with these wardrobe essentials.

  1. Denim

From jackets to mini skirts, denim is the hot trend this midseason.

Elizabeth Wright, fashion merchandising junior, said her denim mini skirt is a staple to her closet this season.

“Denim skirts are a must this year,” said Wright. “I prefer to pair mine with a stylish crop top or even just a plain white tee and a pair of sandals or white converse.”

Another fashion piece classic to keep in mind this season is a denim jacket.

Selena Torres, public relations junior and vice president of fashion nation, said artist Kanye West is to thank for the revival of the denim jacket.

“I see a lot of men and women wearing that (denim jacket) during the fall,” said Torres. “Also I see a lot of men rocking the bedazzled ones, just like Kanye West did at the Met Gala.”

  1. Warmer tones

As the temperatures begin to drop, warmer-toned apparel, such as deep reds and yellows, are taking over clothing stores.

Miranda Ramos, fashion merchandising junior, said warmed tones will be seen throughout summer fashion until it gets cooler.

“I think there are going to be a lot of clothes for cooler weather, but in the tones maroon and mustard and deep blues,” said Ramos. “However, since we live in Texas it will be in the frm of tank tops and shorts.”

Briana Trevin, public relations junior and fashion blogger, said fashion trends tend to always make comebacks through the years.

Torres said trends from the 1970s are presently some of the most popular.

“I think more rustic oranges and mustard yellows are bringing back a 70s vibe,” Torres said. “I think this is perfect for coming into fall. I also think that a lot of fall colors could be summer colors.”

  1. Lazy Chic

The temptation to pull on your favorite pair of sweat pants every day is an internal battle we all experience, but comfort doesn’t have to be compromised with fashion.

“You just have to go with the seasons and see what will look the best,” Trevino said. “Dressing up your lazy look with some accessories or switching up your sweats with jeans could go a long way.”

Torres said pairing the same brands of clothing can make you look put together without having to go the extra mile.

“I always say if you do your hair and make up it doesn’t matter what you wear,” Torres said. “Some people will dress with the same name brand, like an adidas top and sweats, to look put together.”

  1. Accessories

Trevino said accessories can help dress up any outfit.

A 1990s trend making a comeback is neck chokers.

“Whether it’s a black choker, string chocker, or chain choker, it will pair nicely with almost every outfit,” Ramos said.

Another accessory on trend is the ‘Dad Hat’. The ‘Dad Hat’ is embroidered with different words and phrases.

Torres said they are a way to be comfortable and trendy at the same time.

  1. Sandals

Comfortable, casual and perfect for the Texas heat are slip on sandals.

Wright said the go-to sandal for college students are unisex and affordable.

“On any college campus, Chaco’s are going to be present for all genders,” Wright said. “They’re comfortable and functional.”

Trevino said a lace up sandal is a way to feel more dressed up for a night out to the town or a special occasion.

“A really cute trend that is going around is the lace up sandal which ends right on your calf area,” said Trevino.