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The Spot aims to change the game in local entertainment

Photo courtesy of EVO Entertainment Group & 5G Studio Collaborative.

A San Marcos resident and former Bobcat is opening his second dine-in cinema.

Mitchell Roberts, EVO Entertainment Group president, had a dream of bringing something new to the table, and that’s exactly what he hopes to accomplish by opening a San Marcos location in September.

The Spot will have a dine-in restaurant, bowling, arcade games, live music, patio seating, a bar with 96 taps and hangout spaces, public and private.

The Spot will be the second hybrid dine-in cinema that Roberts has opened, but this one will be built specifically with Texas State in mind.

“We’ve gone in and focused on that 18+ crowd,” Roberts said. “I want people like us to have somewhere to go when they want to go do something out of the house, and not do the same thing every day.”

The bar will serve handcrafted cocktails and a wide selection of craft beers from around the area. The bar layout itself took five days to perfect, and has been made for easy-to-use access by customers and staff.

You can sit bar-top, hangout in the Social House or relax in one of the private rooms with friends.

“There is not wasted space. Everything from floor to the ceiling can be used in some way,” Roberts said. “Even (some of the) rooms have moving walls depending on what we need.”

The Ümlaut lounge, which is German for Double Spot, is the social lounge. It can be used for banquets, private parties or as a hangout lounge. It’s even equipped with outlets to charge phones.

“The theater will be a little different than what people are used to. It’s all recliners,” Roberts said. “Reserve seating online so you can skip the lines and go straight to your seat where servers will be in the theater.”

From the latest in Barco projection and Dolby 7.1 Digital surround sound technology to the reserved seating and luxury recliners, Roberts hopes The Spot will be the best movie-going experience patrons can find.

In addition to the luxury theater, there will be an eight-lane boutique bowling alley set up with tables, hangout space, billiards, shuffleboard and an arcade section.

“It’ll be like the ultimate gamer center with old retro arcade games like Pac-Man, Asteroids and Defender,” Roberts said.

Roberts has also included indoor and outdoor patios and breezeways for his guests to dine or have cocktails.

“I didn’t see it as being very attractive to look out at the parking lot in Springtown,” Roberts said. “So what we did was punch out holes in the walls to make a breeze walk.”

Roberts said The Spot will change the game in entertainment for all of Hays County.