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Review: ‘Warcraft’ a dull dose of fantasy

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With a jumbled storyline, terrible pacing and lack of character development, Warcraft cast another dull light on the fantasy genre.

Warcraft attempts to stockpile its movie with as much lure of the series as it can, costing the film an excellent plot and wasting the talents of the director and actors.

To say I was disappointed with Warcraft would be an understatement. Watching this movie made me feel like my heart was ripped out in front of me and I had to watch as the joy I once had in fantasy slowly faded away into obscurity.

Warcraft wouldn’t have met my lowest expectations, if the trailers and promotions hadn’t made the movie appear better than what is was. While this is not the first or last time trailers will lie about a movie, it is the first time I was genuinely hurt by how disappointing a film could be.

What lured me in to this film was the director behind it, Duncan Jones.

For those unfamiliar with Jones’ work, he has a knack for character-driven storytelling, as displayed in his award-winning film Moon and the sci-fi thriller Source Code. With Jones’ already impressive background, I was ecstatic to know that he was at the helm of bringing Warcraft to life.

However, not even Jones’ incredible credentials could save this movie from being the dull dose it was. While I refuse to let the film tarnish Jones as a director, I do believe it will be a huge setback to his career.

First, the storyline was all over the place and made the mistake of including every piece of mythology from the series to screen. The series would have done better if it was adapted for television or split into a trilogy. Splitting it up would have allowed the audience to be able to explore the story thoroughly without overwhelming information.

Throughout the film, the narrative was incoherent and parts of the plot were dropped and never touched on again. Meaningless characters were only appearing to add a shock factor, only to disregard those characters in the end.

The film pacing was slow. I wanted the movie to end because I didn’t know where it was going. The battle scenes were filled with amateur shots, as if Jones wasn’t behind the camera.

The worst crime this film committed was not developing characters’ motives. The lack of character development turned what could have been a fantastic character into a shell of untapped potential.

So far, the only redeeming quality of the movie was the special effects. While sadly wasted on this film, it brought the world and characters of Warcraft to life—so lifelike, it felt like you could almost touch the characters through the screen.

In fact, these were some of the best visuals I have seen on film. The special effects made it bearable to sit through.

To die-hard World of Warcraft fans: I hate to say this, but I would sit this one out. You’d have a better time and a better cinematic experience just playing the game online. Warcraft did nothing to get rid of the stigma around video-game based films. One day, there may be a fantastic video-game adapted movie. Sadly, Warcraft was not it.

To non-Warcraft fans: Just stay away from this movie. It will add nothing to your day, nor will it be an enjoyable experience. You’d have more fun watching paint dry for two hours.