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Review: Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising – unnecessarily necessary

Photo Illustration by: Cassandria Alvarado | Staff Photographer

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising is a film with no reason to exist.

Besides occasionally building on the relationships and characters from the first movie, Neighbors 2 reuses the same plot and brings nothing new to the table.

Although the reuse of the plot and lack of character development was disappointing; the film itself was not completely unenjoyable.

One of the good things about this movie was the consistency in humor. Sure a few jokes fell flat or felt unnecessary, but that seemed to be the point of this movie. Something unnecessary can still be enjoyable.

Another one of my favorite attributes of the film was seeing how much Zac Efron (Teddy) and Chloe Grace Moretz (Shelby) have grown as actors.

Efron was able to hold his own comedy midst of Seth Rogen. In fact, Efron’s character exhibits the most character growth between the two part series. Efron was able to play the same character exhibiting not only insane frat boy behavior but displaying natural growth as Teddy matures into a young adult ready to right his wrong actions.

As somebody who has seen Efron in his High School Musical days, I am more than thrilled to see how his acting develops in the future, especially if he can display the same amount of talent he has displayed in this film.

Moretz, on the other hand, exhibited a knack for comedy, going out of her comfort zone.

While she is much more known for her action oriented movies, I could not help but think some of the more comedic parts of the movie belonged to her.

Unlike most actors, Moretz is the same age of the character of Shelby, which helps convey how her age and the stage of life she is currently in benefits the way she portrays Shelby. Moretz was able to display raw emotions, while not letting the story become bogged down with them.

Neighbors 2 wasn’t afraid to twist traditional feminine roles. In most college based movies fraternities are the stars, such as in Neighbors, but this sequel put a sorority in the spotlight, while still displaying the same sense of raw humor the first film showcased.

None of the sorority sisters were made to be perfect angels, in fact, this movie displayed how college-age women want to have just as much fun as college-aged men. While we live in a world that attempts to showcase women as pure and angelic, Neighbors 2 exhibited a raw sense of realism when it came to the sorority.

Unlike most films that would attempt to show the sorority sisters partying in the excessive amount, as a complete parody or just for an audience reaction. Neighbors 2 demanded the actions of the sorority be taken at the same level of seriousness as the fraternity in the first film. In fact, the primary reason the sorority exist in Neighbors 2 is because of Shelby’s desire to be held to the same standards fraternities are held.

At the end of it all, though, this movie was a delight.

Do you need to rush out to see this film? No.

Would it ruin you day if you did see this? No.

The film was a great way to pass an afternoon and get in a good laugh or two. While it is not as good as the first film, it can stand by itself and is just as entertaining.