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Rec Center offers variety of resources for Bobcats

Photo Courtesy of Campus Recreation Marketing Department.

The Rec Center has something for everyone, whether it is lifting weights, playing basketball or volleyball, running on a treadmill, swimming laps or playing racquetball.

Jonathan Hernandez, assistant director of facility operations, said the rock wall area consists of two 52-foot climbing towers.

Group exercise classes, taught by nationally certified instructors, take place throughout the year. However, these services cost extra, according to Hernandez.

“The entire first week of school, everything we offer that we normally charge is actually offered free because we want everyone to try it,” Hernandez said.

Another feature of the rec center is the golf simulator. It’s essentially a virtual reality game, Hernandez said.

Kaitlin Migl, interdisciplinary studies junior, said her favorite aspect of the rec center is the indoor track.

“I love the indoor track,” Migl said. “It’s a good place to go run on a flat surface.”

Daniel Vasquez, associate director of campus recreation, said the recreation center’s goal is to help students fulfill their healthy lifestyle.

“We have a wide variety of activities which allow students to have a large inventory of choices to practice healthy habits,” Vasquez said. “The rec center services create wellness and balance in students’ lives.”