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People need the freedom of finding peace


Throughout life, people experience some form of hardship, or bad situations that test a person’s ability to grow. These difficult times usually result in people finding a way to pick themselves up by the bootstraps, dusting off and carrying on through life the best they can—and hopefully, happily.

One of the most common ways people cope with the stresses of life is religion, which is half the reason religion exists in the first place. The hope and promise of a better life Christianity, Islam, Judaism and other religions offer is a great and beautiful thing. It is within people’s right to experience religion and to be proud of their beliefs. However, issues arise when this pride transitions from wanting to help others, to recruitment or induction.

There exists a vast amount of religious and belief systems in the world. They range from different denominations of the same base religion to more abstract schools of philosophical thought such as Epicureanism, or the ever-so-popular Nihilism. This leaves people with a never-ending sea of different options they can explore and choose what the perfect fit is for them.

Believers can easily become overwhelmed with the great emotions their belief system gave them, they feel the need to try and help others. People demonstrate these actions by showing others what gave them hope when needed most. Showing others what gave an individual hope in dark times can be constructive; however, there is a fine line between introducing beliefs, allowing the other person to decide for themselves, and forcing the ideas down their throat.

Aside from religion, people can find hope, happiness and peace in a plethora of ways within their own lives such as through the arts. Music, visual arts and writing all serve as an outlet for those who choose to create as well as for the observers watching others create physical manifestations of their soul.

There are many different options available to get us through hard times. Freedom is key for any individual to seek out and find exactly where they belong in the belief spectrum. After people find their place, they have the choice to inspire and allow others to seek out their own perfection. Why take away the peace, happiness, and hope from someone else because it looks a little different than your own?

It is important to remember many religions exist. People hold different beliefs in the way things were created, in what love and hope look like and what it means to find a perfect fit. What was beautiful and brought peace to you may not necessarily be what brings peace to another. They may have found the same peace—just in a different hiding spot.