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Jump into the year by joining an intramural sport


Students can find their places at Texas State by joining an intramural sports team this school year.

There are many leagues offered at Texas State, including flag football, soccer, volleyball, softball and basketball.

Intramural sports are organized games within an institution which allow one to participate in a favorite pastime either on a competitive or recreational level, according to Brynn Cox, facility manager at student recreation center.

“You are competing against your friends and sometimes even faculty and staff, which makes it very special and different from other sports,” Cox said.

Students can easily sign up a team at IMLeagues.com either at the beginning of the fall or spring, according to Cox.

Erin Akins, communications studies junior, said she enjoyed watching her peers on different teams.

“Last year I watched all my friends play, and I watched the fraternities play basketball, soccer and flag football,” Akins said. “They’re fun to watch.”

Jared Garza, social work senior and flag football player, said intramural sports is a good way to pass the time.

“If you are looking for a way to spend time with or make friends, intramural sports is a good way to do that,” Garza said. “Everyone is encouraged to join any intramural sport that interests them.”