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Faculty Senate discussed campus carry concerns


With the month of August quickly approaching, Faculty Senators discussed concerns about the lack of urgency in training and education regarding Campus Carry.

The new Texas law which permits individuals with a concealed handgun license to carry weapons on campus, has been set to take initiate August 1, right in the middle of the summer semester. Senators want to make sure faculty is aware of the matter, and that they are provided with proper training of de-escalation.

“It seems like there was a disconnect in the process between the start of the fall semester and the actual August 1, start of the law itself,” said Scott Bowman, criminal justice senator. “There are a lot of people that are teaching second summer session that may not be aware that in the middle of their semester, the potential is there for people that are concealed carry.”

Alex White, vice chair senator, said there will be two websites that provide education on handgun concealment—the Campus Carry website and the UPD website—which will be available soon.

One proposition to be determined is locating a space for disciplinary action. If a faculty member wants to meet with a student, or a supervisor wants to meet with a staff member, an area for disciplinary action will be carved out to provide a gun-free zone that will be available by temporary signage.

It could be a problematic situation to direct students to a gun-free zone when the majority of them randomly walk in to office hours to discuss their grades, Bowman said.

Bringing the possibility of guns into a conversation with students can promote higher danger, White said.

“It’s the idea that you are increasing the danger rather than decreasing the danger by bringing up the issue,” White said.

For more information regarding Campus Carry rules, visit Texas State’s website to see what premises are prohibited from handgun concealment.