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County moves forward with FM 150 realignment

File photo of Yarrington Road near IH-35.

Hays County Commissioner’s Court voted in May to approve a plan to determine the potential alignment of FM 150 if it is rerouted south of its existing course and connected to Yarrington Road near I-35.

K Friese and Associates, the company managing the realignment project, will work with county, city and property owners within the potentially affected area to gather ideas about where the road should go.

The aim of the discussion is to determine the specific route on which to build the realigned FM 150, said Joe Cantalupo, vice president of KFA.

“We have an opportunity to sit down and work with these property owners to find an alignment that works well for the highway in terms of the county, the state, the local property owners as well as the City of Kyle,” said County Commissioner Ray Whisenant, Precinct 4.

The project will go through the federally mandated National Environmental Policy Act, including public outreach. Hays County and Texas Department of Transportation officials are discussing which entity will fund an environmental impact statement, Cantalupo said.

The project originally required an environmental assessment to identity and mitigate its potential environmental effects. It now requires an environmental impact statement, which is a more comprehensive document detailing potential effects on the environment and how to mitigate them.

$100,000 of the $650,000 intended for the environmental assessment will be used to determine the specific route of FM 150.

“It would be a good opportunity,” Whisenant said. “The funds that would be required to do this have already been planned in the original project. This is simply a change of scope of that project.”

There is no specific timeline for choosing the realignment route, but it shouldn’t take more than a few months, Cantalupo said.

The FM 150 realignment is expected to improve safety and reduce congestion. Preliminary studies on the FM 150 West Alignment Project identified Corridor C for future schematic and environmental studies.

County officials and KFA received requests from Kyle city officials and potentially affected property owners for guidance regarding the roadway’s location. County officials were concerned if work to define the alignment was not started, the opportunity would be lost to development agreements.

County commissioners approved the motion to acknowledge there is a need for coordination with Kyle city officials and potentially impacted property owners. A preliminary schematic plan is needed to provide all parties with some degree of certainty regarding the probable location of alignment.