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Consider benefits and drawbacks of medical marijuana before use


People need to consider the good and bad aspects of using medicinal marijuana before lighting up.

The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes is an issue almost as debated as abortion or gay marriage. However, we all should agree it is best to consider the pros and cons of marijuana before deciding to partake in the toke.

Whether one is for or against medicinal mary-jane usage, people often focus on one side of the issue and completely disregard the validity of the counter argument. Deciding one claim is entirely correct and all other opinions are nonsense is dangerous—especially when dealing with something like marijuana—whose consumption can have unpleasant and possibly dangerous, side effects.

In their rush to approve of the healing bud, many people gloss over harmful effects that follow smoking or consuming marijuana. It was established not too long ago that sucking down noxious smoke into our lungs is not the best idea. And yet, when it comes to medicinal marijuana use, people seem to develop a sort of willful amnesia about the harmful effects of smoking in their haste to gain the potential benefits of the drug.

When one decides to huff on the smoke of a burning plant, there is bound to be some pulmonary distress to go along with it. Smoking marijuana can cause the lungs to become irritated, which can then lead to issues like chest colds and lung infections.

Along with the obvious lung irritation that comes with inhaling the fumes of the buddah, smoking marijuana can cause the consumer to have a slower reaction time, lower blood pressure and an increased heart rate. This side effect is particularly dangerous because it can lead to heart attacks.

Not only that, but marijuana is not regulated by the FDA even when prescribed legally by a doctor and distributed by a licensed distributor. This means there are no guarantees about the potency or whether or not it has the ability to cause cancer.

Before smoking a joint, it’s a good idea to consider what will happen when you eventually stop. Despite the popular belief that marijuana is not addictive, a recent study at the National Institute on Drug Abuse in Baltimore found that after long-time use, marijuana users who quit can undergo such symptoms as anxiety and irritability.

However, doctors may prescribe medical cannabis to aid in reducing nausea for chemo patients, as well as seizure disorders, such as epilepsy.

So please, before taking a puff of the old magic dragon, try to be well-informed about the good and the bad of both sides so whatever your decision, you know you at least made an informed one.