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SMPD honors Travis Elementary

Brigeda Hernandez | Senior News Reporter SMPD honors Travis Elementary for their bravery and cooperation during the All Saints Day flood of 2015.

Members of the San Marcos Police Department honored Travis Elementary School Wednesday afternoon for their bravery and diligence during the All Saints Day flood of 2015.

SMPD presented a plaque containing photos from the day of the flood to Travis Elementary administrators to show appreciation for the cooperation that led to a successful rescue of all individuals.

On Oct. 30 of last year, SMPD responded to a call from Travis Elementary, which was surrounded by water. Buses were unable to get through, so police had to access the school using larger rescue vehicles.

“We wanted to commemorate the day with the school,” said Erin Clewell, SMPD sergeant.

Clewell said it took 15 trips and five hours to evacuate over 600 people from the school. This included students, staff, and parents.

Everyone was taken to the Old Mill on Uhland Road, where the ground was higher.  Although adults at the school were anxious, students did not appear to be concerned, he said.

“We tried to make it an adventure for them,” Clewell said. “More like a field trip kind of thing.”