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How to get the perfect summer body at home


Going to the gym can be pretty difficult in the summer when there are more important things to do such as, floating the river or going shopping at the outlet malls. However, it is not necessary to go to a gym to get a good workout.

Jacob Toller, Anytime Fitness employee, said no matter what, it is very important for all students to be active and not having time for a membership to a gym is no excuse.

“I get that it can be hard to make time to work out, but even a 20-minute exercise can make a big difference,” Toller said. “It would be best to go to a gym, but if you do not have access to one, working out at home can get the job done.”

Toller said incorporating house-hold items to at home exercises can make the workout more effective and more convenient.

Rachel Toren, Anytime Fitness employee, recommends a workout putting the over-priced textbooks to good use by substituting it for dumbbells.

“Use your heaviest textbook as a way to work out your biceps and shoulders,” Toren said. “There are many exercises you can do to make your arms stronger and are just as effective as the machines at a gym.”

Toren said an easy workout for at home is the textbook arm plank.

With your arms stretched out in front of you, hold the book for 2 minutes while maintaining good posture.

Immediately after the plank, start twisting the book in a circular motion while tightening your arms as hard as you can for another minute.

Another great exercise is to do bicep curls with the textbook.

Hold the edges of the book with your arms stretched out and start bending your elbows to bring the book close to your face. Do this work out for another 3 minutes.

Toren said to get the most out of the arm workout, it is best to do the three exercises one after the other.

“If you take a break between the stretches, you may not feel anything,” Toren said. “However, if you don’t give yourself a break and you are keeping your shoulders aligned with your elbows, you will really start to feel the burn.”

Using a bed or chair can also be very helpful when trying to do leg or arm workouts, according to Toren.

“Chair dips are a great way to work out your triceps,” Toller said. “I like to do them whenever I have the chance because they are very effective and all you need is a chair.”

Place your bottom at the end of the chair, while also placing your hands at the edges.

With your legs stretched out in front of you, slowly dip down to the ground and then come back up.

Make sure your bottom stays close to the end of the chair and your shoulders stay right above your wrists. After you do about 20 dips, take a break and then go back to the textbook plank.

Mariela Rebolledo, anthropology freshman, likes to use the Alkek stairs for a quick workout.

“Everyone always dreads walking up the horrible stairs, but I always think of it as a quick exercise,” Rebolledo said. “The rec is kind of far away so I never really go, but I like to try and do small workouts at my dorm or I walk to class instead of riding the bus.”