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Glow up with these trendy summer makeup tips

Summer Makeup.
Photo by: Madison Morriss | Staff Photographer

Summer has just started and the heat is bringing in makeup trends like highlighting, tanning and lip glossing.

Nykea Salinas, prestige beauty advisor at Ulta, said shiny or healthy looks are trending this summer.

“Anything glowy or healthy-looking skin is what everyone is into,” said Salinas.

One of the most popular summer trends is highlighting, she said.

“A lot of people are asking for highlighters, what the newest highlighter is and whether it is prestige or drugstore,” Salinas said. “The BECCA highlighters ($38.00) are the most popular, but recently it has been the Anastasia glow kits ($40.00).”

Highlighters sold at upscale stores like Sephora can be above preferred price range, but some drugstore options are just as effective without breaking the bank.

“Nyx has some really good ones, but everyone is really going crazy for the Wet N’ Wild highlighters they just released,” Salinas said.

The Wet N’ Wild highlighters range from about $4 to $6, which is a steal in the makeup world. For those not in the know, applying the highlighter is a “simple” process.

“Highlighter will just be on the high points of the face, so, wherever the sun would naturally hit your face,” Salinas said. “It would be on the top of the cheekbones and nose, sometimes on the temples, the cupids bow and then a little bit maybe on the chin.”

Helen Chavez, interdisciplinary studies freshman, created a glowing look by using a mix of drugstore and prestige makeup products.

“If you take Mac’s face and body and mix it with L’Oreal Paris’ infallible Pro-matte, it will give you a no makeup-makeup kind of look in the summer,” Chavez said.

The natural makeup look allows people to stay fresh in the summer without going through the hassle of reapplying.

Stephanie Mora, exercise and sports science sophomore, said achieving a summer look doesn’t require a professional makeup artist. People who tend to create simpler looks can also partake in this trend.

“I am not a makeup person. I am a no makeup kind of girl, but I do love glitter,” Mora said. “I love the shiny look, so I use a blush that has shimmer in it, so it’s kind of like a two-in-one highlighter.”

Mora completes her summer look by applying mascara.

“My favorite makeup is mascara—full out, making them (eyelashes) look beautiful and big,” Mora said. “I use a shiny lip gloss called Urban Decay Junkie where it cools and plumps your lips.”

To finish any summer makeup look, apply a nude or pink lipstick to stay trendy.

“Pink lipsticks are really in right now, also pink lip glosses,” Salinas said.

Another trend is tanning, but some people get sunburns. For those who burn when they lay out on the beach or in a tanning bed, this trend can cover the redness or add a sparkling glow to any look.

“Since it’s summer, a lot of people are really big in wanting to tan their skin with bronzer or self-tanner,” Salinas said.

Chavez suggests using some bronzer for a golden look.

“Mac’s ‘Give Me Sun!’ bronzer is the best ever! You have to try it,” Chavez said.

This summer is a perfect time for Bobcats to show everyone how they glow up. Applying highlighter, bronzer or a sheer lip-gloss will prove it’s time to shine.