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Brother vs. brother: A friendly rivalry

Photo by: Pablo Mejia | Staff Photographer
Tanner Hill and his teamates celebrate his second home run of the night on Mar 24 at Bobcat Ballpark.

Growing up in a house full of children, one might expect there to be a lot of different activities going on. However, at the Atwood household, baseball was always the main thing keeping this family busy.

Quinn Atwood, junior right handed pitcher, calls Katy home. Atwood grew up with four older brothers and one younger sister. Being the youngest of the boys, he looked up to his brothers.

While baseball was always a part of his brothers’ lives, it is Colt Atwood, only two years older than Quinn Atwood, who pursued a college baseball career at Sam Houston.

Quinn Atwood followed his brother’s footsteps of playing college baseball, but at Texas State instead.

“Texas State didn’t need a center fielder when I was getting recruited, and whenever Quinn was getting recruited after my sophomore year, Sam Houston didn’t need another relief pitcher,” Colt Atwood said. “It would have been awesome to play with my brother at that level, but you’re able to make a name for yourself without being compared to anyone. I think it worked out perfectly.”

Being the closest in age to Colt Atwood, Quinn Atwood remembers he the most time bonding with his brother when they were in high school.

“I was a sophomore in high school when Colt was a senior in high school,” Quinn Atwood said. “He’s the one that drove us to school every day.”

Attending the same high school and playing the same sport meant not only being siblings, but teammates as well.

“We both played outfield together in high school: he played center field and I played right,” Quinn Atwood said. “I was always with him the most, and he’s definitely one of my best friends, no doubt.”

While Quinn Atwood and his brother were able to compete on the same team, the two experienced “the athlete life” together—on and off of the field.

“My favorite part about playing with Quinn was the whole aftermath of the game,” Colt Atwood said. “We would get in the car after a game and it was always, ‘What’s Dad going to ask us today?’ It wasn’t just that I got home and my dad had to talk to me about the game, but he was asking Quinn too. It wasn’t just me going through that, it was me and Quinn doing it together.”

Even though the duo played on the same team in high school, once Colt Atwood graduated, the brothers would never play on the same team again.

“I miss being able to compete with him and learn from him,” Quinn Atwood said. “It’s special to be able to play with a family member and a lot of people don’t have that opportunity.”

However, they were able to step on the same baseball field together once Quinn Atwood was playing college baseball. Just this time, the junior would be playing as a Bobcat while his brother—who then became a rival—would be playing as a Bearkat.

In last Spring’s 2015 baseball season, Texas State played Sam Houston at the Bobcat Ballpark, which meant the Atwood brothers went head-to-head in Bobcat territory.

“It’s weird for three brothers to all play college baseball,” Colt Atwood said. “That kind of thing doesn’t happen to a family, let alone get the chance of playing against each other.”

The rivalry, however, was nothing toxic for the two, as they both were somewhat familiar with each others’ teams.

“Everybody on my team knew who he was, and everybody on his team knew who I was,” Colt Atwood said. “We’ve all met each other and that’s what made it so fun, because our parents were in the stands and it wasn’t just brother vs. brother. It was everybody had to pick a side and hoped that their side would win.”

Being a pitcher, there was a high chance Quinn Atwood would play against his brother directly, which is exactly what happened.

“I actually faced Colt at bat,” Quinn Atwood said. “As soon as we started facing each other, you could kind of feel the tension in the ballpark. Being the older brother that he is, he actually got a base hit off of me into right field. It was definitely fun though.”

Although Colt Atwood graduated May 2015, baseball is still a part of his life as he now coaches for a high school team.

While Colt Atwood stays busy with his own team and is not able to see his brother play as much as he would like to, Quinn Atwood still has a fan section at his games.

“Since my brothers don’t play anymore, my parents come down and watch me as much as they can,” Quinn Atwood said. “They’re huge baseball fans and huge supporters of me. It’s awesome to have them there.”

Whenever Colt Atwood gets the chance to watch his brother play, however, he enjoys watching the game just as much as Quinn Atwood enjoys playing.

“Whenever I watch him play, I’m not there just hoping he does well, but I can understand every little thing that goes into every pitch,” Colt Atwood said. “Some people might look at it like he blew it or he’s a hero, but it’s one of those things where I like to dissect it. He’s out there trying to being the best he can, so that’s what counts.”

Quinn Atwood will continue to stay busy his last couple of years pitching for Texas State, but playing against his brother will always be something the two can look back on.

“I have a lot of memories from college baseball, and Quinn will too whenever he’s done,” Colt Atwood said. “Playing against each other will definitely be at the top of our list, regardless of what happens. That’s the part that makes it so neat.”