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This ain’t Becky with the good hair: San Marcos’ Sidechick

Photo by: Sam King | Staff Photographer
Stephen McElwee (guitar/vocals) of Sidechick plays a set April 20 at Shed Fest in San Marcos.

Just as its name implies, local band Sidechick is just as fun to be with as your regular band, without any of the pesky commitment.

Vocalist and lead guitarist Stephen McElwee, electronic media senior, met bassist Austin Yeates, electronic media senior, and drummer Kelvin Givens, English sophomore, in an advertising class. Givens and McElwee were in another band called The Halloways, which eventually would dissolve, leaving Sidechick in its place.

Self-categorized as Alternative Shoegaze (or Alt-gaze), Sidechick debuted December 2015 at the Triple Crown.

“Kelvin, drummer for both bands, and Stephen were in a band called The Halloways while I managed it,” Yeates said. “We had set up a show at Triple Crown, but the band that was supposed to play before them dropped out. To keep the show from being canceled we formed a new band between the three of us to fill that set time.”

It’s hard for bands just starting out, but with the fanbase from the Halloways, Sidechick already boasts an impressive four to five gigs a month.

“We play the gigs we can get,” McElwee said. “Half the time, so far, they have been house parties. Right now we are more concerned with getting our names out than making money.”

They have played shows all over Central Texas and have even done gigs as far out as Houston.

When playing house parties, it’s hard to know what to expect. Occasionally it will be packed, and other times not. Sometimes there are problems with the sound system. Or maybe there are naked girls dancing and pouring blood on each other, like at one house party Sidechick played.

“We go in and there are probably like 30 people standing around in this shed in dead silence,” Yeates said. “We see these girls dancing and pouring blood on each other and they are screaming and moaning, and everyone is just watching quietly. That was like right before we played the set. So we came on with this mentality of ‘What the heck did we just walk into?’”

Givens said it was probably their strangest experience.

“There were a bunch of hippies there,” Givens said. “It was some fundraiser for hungry kids, I can’t remember where.”

It’s easy to tell Sidechick cares more about having a good time than making money.

“In five years I just hope we are still hanging out as friends even if we aren’t a band,” McElwee said. “Even if nothing flourishes from this, hopefully we can look back and be like, ‘Hey, we had a good time.’”

Sidechick plans to drop an EP by the end of July. It is most likely going to be free and can be found at sidechick.bandcamp.com when it is released. In the meantime, catch a show this Saturday, April 30, at KTSW’s MR Fest when Sidechick plays at KIVA Lounge & Bar.