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Texas State Student Government should be abolished

Illustration by: Rachel Bostick | Staff Illustrator

In 1776, the Founding Fathers declared independence from England. Today, I want to declare independence from the Student Government at Texas State.

Actually, I want to go one step further and say we should abolish Student Government. Let me first point out that Student Government has accomplished several things in the past like creating grant programs, but they have not done enough to warrant their existence.

Student Government’s purpose is to serve the student body as our representatives in the university—sounds reasonable enough. However, only 2 or 3 percent of students vote in elections each year. Their position as representatives for students is without grounds.

Granted, it is technically students’ fault for not voting, but it’s also Student Government’s job to make the election times widely known. The only reason I even knew about the elections was because I work for the campus newspaper.

One noticeable failing is the lack of outreach and marketing of the campus government. Seeing as they have $605.50 for marketing in this year’s budget, they better get on it.

Almost every day, there are people yelling in the Quad about tacos or something, and not once have I heard someone from Student Government do the same. They might table in the Quad, but I have never seen them. Not witnessing Student Government doing something may be my fault, but its members need to do more to make people aware.

Furthermore, the “legislation” they have passed is lacking to say the least. This year, they approved upwards of $700 for new polo shirts. Yep, shirts are what they are spending time on. They should not serve as the representatives of students if they do so little for us.

If I wanted to know what Student Government has done for me, I should not have to search very hard. When you go to the accomplishments page on their website—yes, they have a website, which I’m sure you didn’t know about, it lists four accomplishments in the time I have been at Texas State. I have been here for three years. Certainly there are more, but even Student Government doesn’t deem these other accomplishments important enough to mention.

One piece of legislation they seem to like is increasing student fees. Speaking of money, this year’s budget is $80,987. This money is coming from students, and it would be no problem if Student Government accomplished something, but they do not.

Student Government seems useless, and I stand by that statement. I can appreciate a résumé-builder just as much as the next person, but when it costs students almost $81,000, it makes it hard to find the beauty.

In biology, the term for a needless organ is vestigial. Student Government is this school’s vestigial organ and, just like the appendix, it needs to be removed.


  1. At least Student Government is offering transparency by posting their finances and the things they are working on online. Wish the same could be said for the University Star. Students have the right to know how this organization is spending their tuition money.

  2. Student Government changed their name after spending a few thousand dollars for a consultant firm to tell them they lacked relevance. I could have told them the same thing and it just would have cost them a couple DP shootouts from Chimys TBH.

  3. If anything is lacking, its is the substance of this article, and the poor journalism effort put into it. Choosing one piece of legislation to represent the entire body of legislation thus far creates a large assumption. Listing these points to say Student Government should be abolished sounds like this individual did nothing more than sit in their dorm room on their computer doing no other research than what was available on the ASG website.

    So in your opinion ASG should be abolished because it bought shirts, not allot of students vote for the elected, ASG doesn’t outreach, and they simply, “do nothing.”

    – Out of all bills passed ASG passed one purchasing Shirts (I’m assuming to help with outreach) My Response: ASG has also passed legislation on: Graduate training, parking rules, safety protocols, bobcat bobby stations, and increase in Chic Fil A meal trade hours. This is JUST SOME of 2015 and 2016 and does not include previous years. http://studentgovernment.dos.txstate.edu/senate/legislation.html

    – Not allot of students vote for ASG: maybe if our press outlet released more information, or actually circulated all of their papers students would be more engaged.

    – Lack of outreach: This is not really ASG’s main concern, they are more concerned with actually changing the university to increase the value of our degrees and make a better student life experience, not writing opinion columns chastising the people who are fighting for your voice to be heard.

    – ASG does nothing… hey Jeffrey… read all the legislation… do some research… ASG made the name change happen, ASG started the push to D I… ASG brought new dining options to students… ASG lobbied to decrease Textbook cost… ASG fought for students to have legal counsel on campus… ASG established Police call buttons on campus… ASG fights for funding for all student organizations including this Paper, tailgate, homecoming, scholarship, you name it.

    There is SO much that ASG does that isnt publicly seen. Senators and Execs are appointed to committees, where they have voting rights along side administration, that decide nearly every aspect of academic and student life on campus.

    If anything should be abolished it should be this “journalist” from the U-Star, or I guess “opinion columnist.” If you are going to write an opinion column, have your opinion, but at least do some decent research.

    My last thought on this disgrace of a piece: Everything ASG passes has to be approved by the administration. If you want to write an opinion piece about being upset with the status quo of nothing getting done to represent you. Use your voice as a columnist to figure out why some the ideas students have tried to implement have not been implemented, like changing the parking system ect.

    • Pretty much all of the things you listed were just resolutions, i.e. they voted on Student Government’s opinion of the matter. All endorsement, no enforcement.

      They didn’t institute new parking rules – the Parking Services committee did.
      They didn’t change Chick-Fil-A’s hours – the Food Services committee/Chartwells did.
      They didn’t change the name of the university – the ACTUAL government did, (duh.)
      Lobbied to decrease textbook cost – what does that even mean? Did they lobby against inflation too?

      Sometimes they can’t even manage to pass a resolution without it getting vetoed by the dean (like when they endorsed campus carry a few years ago) because they are so inconsequential that even the dean will veto their opinion.

      And this retort is coming from SG’s “Sergeant-at-arms,” a position that also does nothing.

      Not saying this paper isn’t garbage, but don’t deflect from the fact that our student government is an embarrassment when compared to universities of similar size and it’s laughable that a majority of SG’s budget goes toward paying the executive staff (President, Vice President, Secretary, etc.) using student fees. What a waste, considering that student government – does nothing.

      • The name change originated from student initiative… obviously ASG doesnt have that power. But it did start with students creating legislation and moving from there. Yes all of these initiatives might be resolutions, that is the point. ASG is a voice of students, and that voice is used to advise the university on policy. So what is the real issue? That ASG does nothing, or actually tries to make changes but the University shuts them down?

        ASG staff take part in committees on campus that have actual voting power from everything from funding to athletics. Do some research, maybe go talk the SBP and see what their day is like. I think you will be surprised.

        On the issue of comparative Student Governments. Attending Texas Student Association conferences myself, I can tell you that other schools are WORSE than Texas State, or at least different in a way that I dont agree with. Examples:
        UT: has two separate chambers, one for academics where students are not elected but CHOSEN bc in the 70’s a student ran as a joke and was actually elected… and one for student life. They split the chambers because they learned what kind of impact poor representation can have in such voting rights positions.
        ATM: The aggies ASG are almost completely political. Their main focus for a long time in the Senate chamber has been to pass resolutions supporting political agendas.

        Yeah ASG needs some work, but to say that a student voice needs to disbanded? Give this list a benefit of the doubt, or at least go do some actual journalism and ask the Dean of Students to explain them:


  4. Yeah, why are we still paying for this tabloid to be run in color? There are so many old issues left laying around – the money would be better spent on better toilet paper for the bathrooms.

  5. Excellent article , I was fascinated by the insight . Does someone know if I could get access to a blank OPM OF-306 document to complete ?

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