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Students vote for SuperCat ring design, results of alumni pending

Photo courtesy of University Bookstore at Texas State.

“SuperCats” could be a new potential nickname for Bobcats after students voted on the SuperCat logo design for the new class ring.

Following recent trademark concerns with Texas A&M University, the administration at Texas State decided to create a new design. Current Bobcats had the opportunity to vote Feb. 24-26 on which design was favorable for the new Texas State class ring.

Joanne Smith, vice president for Student Affairs, said a website was designed and made available for students to provide feedback on the different options for class rings. The SuperCat logo design won with a substantial lead over the other options.

The student voting was just one of a few rounds in the selection process. Now that the students have spoken, the vote has been left in the hands of alumni.

Jennifer Scharlach, assistant director of marketing and membership for Texas State Alumni, said the feedback they have received from former students is currently being sorted.

“We sent out a survey to gather feedback last week,” Scharlach said. “It was opened for a week and now we are in the process of getting the information to the folks that will actually make the final decision.”

Former students received an email from the Alumni Association containing a link to a survey including photos of the three design options, Scharlach said.

Ellen Schneider, psychology alumna, said she purchased her ring last year before graduation and she knows this may effect some alumnus emotionally but understands the change is necessary.

“If I were to lose my ring I would absolutely be saddened by the change,” Schneider said. “But I haven’t, and I’m happy Texas State took the correct steps to avoid a trademark mishap so I understand why it needs to be done.”

This is not a new process for Texas State. When the university transitioned from Southwest Texas State University to Texas State University, the design of the ring was changed as well.

Once the association finalizes the results, the decision will go back to the President’s Cabinet, Smith said. The cabinet will then analyze the results from both students and alumni to make a final decision.

“Once we have looked at the results from everything the process then goes into the hands of Auxiliary Services,” Smith said. “They are the ones who work together with Balfour, the ring distributor—the company that does the rings for us.”

They are hoping this process will be finalized soon and the new ring design can then be available next December, Smith said. At this point, the timeline depends on a host of factors.

“Maybe, maybe we can have it all finished by December,” Smith said. “But if not December, we will certainly have them ready by next May.”