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Student Government meets quorum requirement, passes four resolutions

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Student Government met Monday evening to reconsider all actions that were taken at their April 18 meeting in which they did not meet quorum requirements.

The Senate did not meet attendance requirements at last week’s meeting and began with a similar situation Monday. At 8 p.m. the senate was short one person to meet quorum. After calling a recess, senators were on their phones for 45 minutes recruiting fellow senators to come to the meeting.

A 30th senator arrived a few minutes before 9 p.m. and the meeting was allowed to begin.

Four resolutions passed Monday evening, two of which were read and discussed at the April 18 meeting.

The first resolution debated was the Cabinet Reorganization Act, which proved controversial among senators but passed after three voting recounts. This act will combine the marketing and programs commissions to create one entity: the Student Services Commission.

Senator Anthony Galo said introducing and voting on resolutions at the first senate session meeting was doing a disservice to those senators who are new to Student Government. He said the vote should wait until said senators have learned the proper structure of Student Government and commissions.

Senator Jake Herrel, author of the resolution, said he has faith in all of his fellow senators and urged them to vote affirmatively, as the resolution had passed at last week’s meeting.

A resolution entitled Senate Committee Structure Simplification Act, which was initially introduced at the last meeting, was voted on and passed. This will require committees to meet weekly instead of bi-weekly.

The third resolution to pass will change the Student Government meeting time to 7 p.m. rather than the 8 p.m. start for Monday’s assembly. The meeting time was changed to 8 p.m. because it was the first meeting of the new senate session. However, the senators passed the resolution and the future meetings will be held at their previous time of 7 p.m. on Monday evenings.

The last item approved by the Senate was a resolution to establish an independent discrimination prevention oversight committee. The committee will oversee appeals from students who have discrimination cases.

Senator Frank Spates, author of the resolution, said he has dealt the discrimination appeals process on campus and feels there is room for improvement.

Herrel, co-sponsor for the resolution, said this piece will allow for a group of people to hear students out, as opposed to one person. It is important for there to be a non-biased, comfortable place students can go with their discrimination grievances.

President Andrew Homann said even though there was a rocky start to the meeting, the events that followed show the dedication of the senators and administration.

“I think it shows the dedication of the senators staying there for 45 minutes as we were able to contact and aggressively look for another senator to fill quorum,” Homann said. “I think it showed the dedication of the new administration, that we really want to get change done and do whatever it takes—even if it means waiting 45 minutes to meet quorum and pass legislation for the betterment of the Bobcats.”