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Student Government Election Board finds Homann-Martinez campaign not guilty

Photo by:Pablo Mejia | Staff Photographer
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Student Government’s Election Board found Andrew Homann, student body president elect, and Samantha Martinez, vice president elect, not guilty of campaigning before the designated campaign period.

Results of the March 31 trial were posted on Student Government’s TRACS site Thursday evening and shared on the Student Government website Friday.

Former presidential and vice presidential candidates Anthony Galo and Holly Pavlicek protested the March 8 Student Government election results because they believed their opponents broke the Election Code by campaigning five months before the campaign period began.

Galo and Pavlicek discovered a Facebook page titled “Homann Martinez 2016” with approximately 162 members added six months ago.

At the hearing, Homann and Martinez said the page existed previously to promote a party. After the campaign period began, Homann said he became administrator of the page and used it to promote their campaign.

According to the court decision by the Election Board, Homann and Martinez provided substantial evidence to rebuke the accusations.

Homann said he and Martinez expected the results to be in their favor because they presented a lot of evidence proving their innocence.

“We came in pretty confident that was going to be the result given by the Election Board,” Homann said. “We weren’t in the wrong for any of the violations.”

Galo said he and Pavlicek believe Homann and Martinez ran a clean campaign and will not attempt to appeal the Election Board’s decision. He said they are focused on this Student Government session and next year’s session when Homann will be student body president.