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Proving people wrong is what gets this Bobcat going

Photo courtesy of Tramesha Hardy.

Tramesha Hardy, freshman runner, knows how to stay motivated.

Hardy said she had a great childhood until, when she was 9-years-old, her parents separated due to her father’s addiction. His addiction was a constant as she grew up.

“He was always disappearing and leaving my mom stranded,” she said.  “She had to go through the hard stuff. He would take money from us, and it was hard for her to pay rent. It tore our family apart.”

Times were hardest for her as an underclassman in high school.

“In high school, I was a bad kid,” she said. “I had an attitude problem, and I was talking back a lot. Whenever someone said something about my parents, I would get into arguments with them.”

She started running in eighth grade, but was very insecure about her talent. People would always tell her she was good at it, but Hardy never paid much attention.

Hardy didn’t start getting serious about her track career until her junior year of high school. It was time for her to shape up.

“My high school track coach would yell at me and tell me that I am talented,” she said. “She said that nobody was going to want me for college track because of my attitude. I knew I wanted to get a scholarship. I needed to fix my attitude, and I wanted to prove my coach wrong and that’s what I did.”

Hardy said she had to suck it up, be a big girl and put hardships aside because she was going to prove people wrong.

Texas State was not Hardy’s first stop. She attended Alcorn State University in Lorman, Mississippi, but wanted to transfer immediately. She did not know anyone there for an entire year.

She was seven hours away from her family in Houston, Texas, and wanted to transfer to another university as soon as possible.

Hardy’s summer track coach is a Texas State alumni who encouraged her athletes to run as Bobcats.

“She would show me pictures and would tell us that the campus is nice and that the people are friendly,” she said. “I wanted to go to Texas State. I looked to see if they had my major that I wanted, and they did. Once I saw that, I wanted to run there too.”

Hardy contacted her summer track coach once she wanted to transfer from Alcorn State. She talked to the coaches at Texas State, and  got in.

She loved the school, and everything that came with it. She loved the environment, and the diverse student body Texas State has.

Hardy has made an impact on the team already. In the Sun Belt conference, she was awarded Most Outstanding Women’s Freshman. This year was Hardy’s first track season at Texas State, and had no idea she was awarded.

“Until someone told me, I wasn’t expecting myself to be nominated for something like that because this was my first year,” Hardy said. “I was so happy. I showed my mom, and sent it to my grandma. My picture was on the website, and they were happy and proud.”

Winning such an award does not make a difference to Hardy. She will continue to prove people wrong.

“I love a challenge, so it will make me go harder and set high goals for myself,” Hardy said.

Hardy has dreams to run professionally or even be an Olympian someday. But for now, she has goals set in place this year.

“I want to make it to nationals,” Hardy said. “But, I just want to make my coaches proud. I want to work hard, and do my best every chance I get.”